Status: I'm Broken, I'm Torn, I'm Hopeless. -Monica
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You Shine So Bright,
I Never Wanna Watch You Fade 
Hi, I'm Monica. You Can Call Me Moni.
I Have One Brother.
Chris Webby
Maroon 5
And Just Random Songs Basically.
My Birthday Is September Ninth.
Aka, 9-9-99
Creepy, Huh?
Any Twins? I Highly Doubt It.
Talk To Me!
I'm Broken. I'm Torn. I'm Hopeless.
I Screw Things Up A Lot.
I Push Doors That Say Pull,
But That's Just Me.
Oh, And I wanna Come Up With
A Cute Nickname Other Than Moni,
But Incorparated With It,
Like, Moni-Bear Or Something,
So Any Ideas Are Appriciated! :)

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight. <3

Quotes by Moni_And_Echo

Hey, it's Monica...
I've been through a lot lately..
Echo in highschool, 
My boyfriend breaking up with me,
bullying me,
I've never even
connected with any of you followers like Echo did..
But she now has her own account,
Should I make one too? I'd inform you all...


My New, Spearate, Witty: 
Okay, Thanks Guys.

I Thought You Guys Should Know What

Happened To Monica, And Why She Hasn't

Been On.

She's Been With My Brother In The Hospital

And Told Me She Couldn't Face Witty Right

Now, Because He's Like Her Brother Too.

I'm Dying. No One To Talk To. I Hope Declan's




{{He says he loves me more than anything}}

I Don't Believe It ecause It's True,
I Believe It Because I Want To.

Go To It.
You Know You Want To. :)



While I'm Listening To
Thinking Of You- Katy Perry,

He's Listening To
Bottoms Up

Yeah, I Feel So  Much Better... -_-


I Swear, I Don't Think I'll Be Able
To Stand Yet Another Love Song.
They All Just Make Me Think Of 




Kara, a seven-year-old girl liked a boy named Will.
Will never spoke to her, but either way, she said hi everyday in hopes he would.
Day after day she said hi, with the tiniest bit of hope that he'd reply.
Never did he.
Then, when Kara was fourteen, she approached him.
"I've known you for seven years, and you never spoke to me, though I spoke to you everyday. Why?"
All Will did was shrug, and walk away.
At the age of sixteen, little Kara decided to try to move on.
She was hurt by Will, and needed fixed. 
She went to Stephen, another guy she's known for a while.
They went out, held hands, laughed and smiled.
When she was eighteen, Will saw them.
And watched her get shot.

Later, they waited at the hospital, but Stephen left an hour in.

Will stayed the entire time.
They took 5 hours to finish with her. 
When they were done, he walked in.
She looked shocked and asked, "Where's Stephen?"
"He left." Will whispered.
"Then why didn't you?" Kara quietly asked.
"You waited for me for eleven years."
Kara looked up, almost crying.
"And I'm not letting you wait any longer."

*Made By Me. Like?*


Love Me, No,
Let Me Be.
There's Supposed To be No Charge,
Supposed To Be Free.
And It Wasn't Until Late,
That I Could See,
That You Were Just Playing Me.

Went Out With My Best Friend First,
You Seem To Like The Next,
And This Is Why Soon,
I'll Send The Last Text.
I'm Not As Mad At You,
As I Am At Myself,
Because While You Lied,
I Said What I Felt.

And Then I Realized,
What's The Truth.
It Pains To Say Goodbye,
But I'll Power Through.
I Hope You Understand,
What I Never Understood.
But You're Not The One Supposed To Be Heart Broken.


the catagory says enough