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Tell me you love me,
and I'll be yours forever
Hello there
My name is Katy :3
I come from Ireland
But i also have a second home in France
My music is my life
My best friends are my life

Those people mean the world to me
oh and  if you ever need to EVER talk just message me
I have
so just ask if u want my user
im always on twitter

Youre a prisioner of your own illusions

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Quotes by Monster_Dreams_

Sorry but I'd rather get high,
then watch my family dying.
Why should I even bother.
Life always offers you a second chance,
its called tomorrow.
This one time i made out with my kitty and then a pineapple walked in
I say that i dont want to talk about it.
Actually, i do, but im afraid of your reaction.
Im afraid that you will never see me as a equal again.
Im afraid of the pity in your eyes
when you realise how screwed up i am.
I don't like people
i don't reply to texts
i don't like when people touch me
and I'm never gonna leave my room
yep that's right I'm ready for a relationship 
We are all in a prison
every single one of us
We try to break out
The prison is our life
Only the bars, they are invisbale.
Maybe it's not about a happy ending
Maybe it's about the story 
Today when i was leaving my friend she hugged me and said happy birthday, then as i was about to turn away she whispers to me "im so glad your here 16 years. i hope your here for 116 more" shes actually the best haha
When your out shopping
*queing in the line*
Mom: You wait here i forgot the milk
You: hurry please hurry run
Me: where is she
*Next to be served*
Me: omg hurry where is she omg omg omg
Cashier: Next!
Me: ... *faints*