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Quotes by Mooshoo10

I'm leaving witty.
For good.
(and no it's not because of the JamesBrass thing)

I love you all.

And I would like to thank;

The people who have favorited my quotes.

(You guys are the best (: )

My followers
(I appreciate it, you guys are also the best (: )

And the people who have
got me through the days with their quotes

(You guys are just awesome :D)

And to the people who are insecure about their looks,
you are all beautiful!
Don't let anyone put you down ♥

See ya! -xo


"If I open this bag really slow no one will hear it... "


Sucking a cup to your face
and then panicking cause it won't come off


Saying "Or not"
when people do the complete opposite of what you just said


*Fake punch*
*Fake punch*
"OMG sorry!"


Trying to turn the light on with your head
cause your hands are full.

Wanting someone to say a certain thing
because you have the perfect answer


Making unnecessary hand motions
to emphasize your point

Yelling "DIE!"
when you spray bug spray on a bug


Should I say it?
I'm gonna say it
I said it
I shouldn't have said that..