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heyy girls well witty is being weird and won't let me edit my profile so i made a new account its

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When I was younger...
Cory in the House was That's So Raven
All Grown Up was The Rugrats
Planet Sheen was Jimmy Neutron

Suite Life on Deck was The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Hannah Montana was just Hannah Montana not Hannah Montana Forever.


Be Careful What You Wish For...
Chapter 3

I was afraid of what was coming next. I couldn't remember half of the crazy stuff I wished for. School was normal, thank God. When I got home there were tons of beautiful dolls, and Barbies in my room. Oh yeah thats right, I loved dolls when I was younger. I decided to keep a few of the nice, really expensive ones. I'm just gonna give the rest to my old elementary school. I had no idea how all of this was happening, but it was. Then I realized I wished for like 7 unicorns. I don't think thats going to happen. But if it does then something really weird is going on...

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Today I was watching Spongebob, they were putting a donkey in front of Squidward calling him a jackass. Oh what the little kids don't know...

Be Careful What You Wish For...
Chapter 2

There were at least 100 ponies out there!! I was so confused! I had no idea what they were all doing there. I ran outside and they all said to Effie on them. I thought it was a prank or something. Then they all said Wish Number: and then an number. Then I realized something. When I was little I always wished for a pony on 11:11!! I didn't get why it suddenly came true. Well now our big backyard isn't as empty anymore. Then I got dressed as fast as I could for school. I threw on so leggings, and a long sleeve Hollister tee, and my short tan Uggs. Then I quick put on some eyeliner, mascara, and ran the straightener over my hair. I was ready and out the door. I was looking at my phone on the bus and had 15 new messages. They were all unknown numbers! Every single one of them was asking me out. I replied to find out who they were. They were all guys I had liked when I was little, wishing they would ask me out! I said sorry no to all of them because I hadn't seen any of them in forever. Wow this day couldn't get any weirder. Then I realized something. All of my 11:11 wishes are coming true!!

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Be Careful What You Wish For...
Hey. My name is Effie. Yes its an abnormal name, but I'm a pretty normal girl. I'm a 14 year old Freshman in High School. I'm loving every minute of it because my older brother is a Junior so everyone knows me. And strangely no one hates me. I'm a little different from everyone else, but hey who isn't? I love my life, and everyone it it. My dad and mom are amazing. I love them both so much, and they are always there for me. My older brother Benry is amazing. haha. See another weird name. Oh and by the way my mom is pregnant, with twins! One is a boy and ones a girl. The girl is going to be Evangeline, and the boy is going to be Nolan. My family is just full of original names. Everything was going well for me. Just an average day. Went to school, came home, did homework, went to volleyball practice, ate dinner, showered then went to sleep. But when I woke up the new morning, something was very strange. It was just there outside my window. Well let me be more clear, they were outside the window...

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Scarred-Chapter 4 (this is the last chapter im starting an amazing story i promise!!)

Things are going pretty well. Alex's mom is now totally 110% cancer free. Her life is going so much better, and now she is becoming more active and lively. She can't do so much yet, but she is starting to do many more things. Mason is developing well, but he is so emotional. I'm not gonna say everything is perfect, because its not. It's pretty hard to deal with him sometimes. I love him but I need more help. I think we're going to have to send him to a special school early, to try and help him. Anna is so smart, and believe or not helps me a lot with Mason. She understands him better than I do. You may not believe that but its true. Alex loves them, and his love for all of us seems to grow stronger everyday. I think we're going to try and buy our own house, and hopefully finish online school, and get some real jobs. Basically we're going to become more independent, and hopefully support ourselves on our own. Hopefully things turn out well.


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Dear Skittles Manufacturer,
Clearly someone failed their colors of the rainbow test.


Dear Wondering Child,
I'm 74% hydrogen, 25% helium, and 1% trace metals.
Little Star
Scarred- Chapter 3

Everything in my family is going well. I'm losing a little bit of weight, because we can't afford great food for Alex and I. We worry more about Mason and Alex, because they need more so they can grow properly. When I was younger my dad died and my mom was an alcoholic, so I really didn't get much to eat. But when I did get dinner, it was either some crappy fast food, which I hate, or some microwave dinner. So I didn't get proper food, which made me really skinny and unhealthy. That's why I couldn't play sports. I was too weak, and always failed gym. I just pretended like I didn't care. I would never want Mason or Anna to go through anything like that. I try so hard for them so they don't have to go through what I did. I know Alex went through some hard times, so he understands it too. He tells me all the time he didn't have it as hard as me so he understands why I work so hard. He convinced my boss to let me have off if I need to because I work so hard. My boss is awesome. She totally understands everything that we are going through. Her mom was actually a teen mom, so she has a strong connection between us. We are saving up for school for Mason and Anna, and hopefully college for us. Of course Mason and Anna come first, but it would be nice for Alex and I to go to a better school.

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