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Victoria. 14. Freshman. Music. Singing. One Direction.
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I'm a pretty creative and childish kind of girl.
I write mostly funny quotes, so if you want to laugh, read 'em.
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Cheesy Pick Up 
Are you a beaver, cuz Dam

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History Class.

Where you can learn about 3 years in 3 minutes,
and learning for 3 minutes feels like 3 years.


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Me:  *Accidentally spends life on the internet*


» Really wishes there was a Drake and Josh episode where they showed Josh's mom and
Drake's dad? «


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I'm in a serious relationship  with mwifi.
You could say we have a connection.

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Other girls firting: Hey cutie, what's your name? ;)
Me: Neyoy hoy menyoy yoy.  


Mom: *Takes out photo album of my middle school pictures*
Me: Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!

People: I love it when my boyfriend tells me he loves me.
Me: I love it when my microwave tells me my food is ready.


Hey I just met you,

 And this is loco. 

But here's four candies, 

You go Glen Coco.


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Mom: Get off the computer!
Me: *Makes Chewbacca noise*