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 Demi Lovato= My Inspariton<3 Cher Lloyd and Ariana Grande= Goddess.. Justin (Bieber) I loved him since 2009. and Big Time Rush too<3 Directioner since 2010<3 Mahomie for life.<3 Matt Hunter is like sooo hawt. lol. c; Miley Cyrus= my life.Austin<3 imageimageJuju with kenny in the back<3
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Everythings gonna be alright<3 Through the long nights and the bright lights. Don't you worry babe. 'Cause everythings gonna be alright<3 -Justin Bieber
I called this kid in one of my classes Niall... That was embarrassing.. oh, oh and happy birthday my little Niall<3 You've NEVER Failed at making me laugh or smile<3 x 
Do you like one direction? Yes, I love them and The Wanted. Who is your favorite? Niall Horan. Favorite bromance? Larry.

I was talking and.... this is... it's... SOOOO AWESOOOOME!. lol. c; x 

TYPE HERE< Keep walking, I'm just testing, the format out.. Tell me if it goes wrong! lol..

So, You guys know how i'm making a story right?(: Well i think i should end it.. No one reads it.. So what's the point in making it? :c So i'm ending it now.... Bye....

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like One Direction.

You: hi

You: can i put this on witty?

You: say something funny. o.o

Stranger: Um Knock knock

You: who's there? :DD

You: nando's

You: nando's who?


You: i'm weird.. O.O

You: am i?

You: really?

You: i'm insecure!

You: don't know what for

Your conversational partner has disconnected. 
 shoot i'm weird. 

 Stardoll made a one direction dress up. o.o Once again get ready for 8 year old fans.
Who else レo√乇's ​Ariana Grande?(:
 Who's laughing now? (1d love story.)
Chapter: 4
Author:  me!
Brookes P.OV  I put on my pj's and put my hair into a bun. I grabbed my laptop and searched up; One Direction
i then learned that they where a, British/irish group made up of 5 boys who came thrid in the X-Factor. I was suprised i had never heared about them. I looked at images for, One direction. I opened up a picture and there stood 5 guys The first one was blond and had blue eyes, he was cute. There was another one with brown hair and a pretty noticable birth mark on his neck, i loved it. Beside him stood another brown haired boy wearing suspenders and a striped shirt, nice style i thought to myself the one beside him was tan skin and blacky browny hair. WOW all of these boys are se'cute!<33 i thought  myself. Until i looked at the last one, my breathing stopped, my eyes grew wider and wider and my body compelelty froze. I double checked my computer screen. No. It can't be him.. 
Harrys P.OV 
'Niall come down here! were gonna be late for the flight! you can get something to eat when we land!' Paul screamed from behind me. 'BUT I'M HUNGRY!' Niall whined, this always happens, we where always late if it's not to do with Niall, it's not being able to wake up Zayn, or Louis taking to long to get ready. Nothing ever ended up right. We where all setting off for America as we were doing a tour over there. It was a really exciting thing for us, The U.S was sucha  big thing if you didn't make a good imperssion you're screwed. As we finally pulled Niall away from the food, Trust me it was the hardest thing EVER.- we made it to the boarding gate just on time. Zayn took a seat next to Paul, Niall and Liam sat together and i was with my one and only boobear<3 (That's what i call love.. (':) I was exicted and nervous, we had done really well in the U.K but going to the U.S seemed like we were gonna start all over again. 'You alright Hazza?' I glance up to see that Liam was looking at me with a concerned look. That was Daddy Direction. (Yes he is! because he's se'cute! lol.. :D) always worrying about us. I guess thats what i love being able to share this expirence with my four best friends. When someone was feeling down, angry or nervous we would instanlty knew. 'Yeah i'm justa bit nervous.' i reply looking down.. 'It'll be okay Hazza, we're going to, Brooke (Umm.. lets just put a famous persons last name there. o.o i pick swift yes, swift as in.. taylor swift. o.o back to the story!!) Niall said shoving chips into his mouth. "Brooke?' I replied 'You've never heard of BROOKE SWIFT IS? SHE IS LIKE ONE OF THE BIGGEST POP STARS IN THE WORLD!! i'm dissapointed in you Hazza.' Louis said. crossing his arms and pretending to be mad at me wich made me laugh.The one thing lou. never failed at doing to me is making me laugh. 'The name rings a bell..' Brooke..  where have i heard that name before? It sounds so famialiar i guess i heard one of the lads talk about her once. Later that night  We were sitting in the V.I.P booth waiting for this girl Brooke to come out. Lou said she was pretty fit, maybe i can get my charm on her. She couldn't say no to these curls, I was just about to speak but i was interuptted by Niall. 'OMG i'm so excited, shes my idol do you think we'll get to meet her? Do you think she'll know who we are? OMFG WHAT IF SHE KNOWS MY NAME?' Oh god brilliant! Just when i thought our fans fangirled enough, Niall shows them how to do it. Horan Style. (: 
Authors note: Lol sorry if it's a bit lame, I barely have to time to type anything on witty or do anything because, i have school and alot of homework. -.-

CookieDoughFormats (: i love their formats!<3