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Quotes by MrsDanielTosh

I  think  it's  time  we  just  forgive  each  other  and leave  the  past  in the  past.


falling  asleep  under  memories  of  you.
warmest blanket.


Happiness  is  a  fleeting delusion.


For you, I was a chapter. 

For  me,  you  were  the  book.

If this love only exists in my dreams,
don't wake me up.

T h e     s i l e n c e     i s     l o n g    a n d    l o u d    w i t h    t h i n g s      p e o p l e      a r e n ' t    s a y i n g.  



Quite honestly, your existence irritates me to no end. Perhaps if you weren't so immature about things, and didn't let your diagnosis define you, I could be friends. And even then it's a maybe. I'm not going to apologize for ignoring you because if you don't even know why I am, then you definitely don't deserve to hear it from me. You of all people should know I'm there to help anyone who needs it and am the most understanding person. So don't even try and pull the victim card because it's an invalid argument. 

For love can exist with hatred,

each preying on the other, and this is what gives it its greatest fury.

You are my miracle.