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Quotes by MrsDanielTosh

Obviously the existence

or otherwise of a future life must be of the very first importance to somebody who is going to live her present one

Hey  guys!   I   started  

making   YouTube   videos  

because    I   really   want  to  

help   people   and   make   a  

difference!   If  you   guys  

would   take   a    second   to

check   out   my   channel   I  

would   be   greatly  

appreciative !




You  know  you're  in  a  sh*t  mood  when  . . .

everyone  on  Witty  p*sses you  off  to  the  extreme.




Him: Willl you marry me?

Me: Haha oh stawpp

Him: :(

Me: What dear? And I thought you were with that one girl

Him: She sucks

Me: ....oh. May I ask why?

Him: She's not you.

But   I   loved   you    more    than    I   wanted    to,

there's no point in trying to pretend.




Just  as  I  thought   it  was  going   alright,

Found I'm wrong when I thought I was right.



*posts video* Him: You're a very good person for doing this Me: Thanks! I just want to help people so they handle stuff better than I do Him: You helped me. Me: ....I did? Him: Ya Me: How? Him: I've been suicidal since school ended. I lost everything. My life went from perfect to nothing in one day. When I watched your video I decided to see what happens when I wait it out. Me: Oh my gosh....thank you for like...oh my gosh. Just. Thank you. If you ever ever ever need to talk, or feel down I'm always open!

Hey guys, if you like Damon Fizzy, check out this video.

Tell me you watched it and I'll follow you! :) Either on here or Tumblr!


Damon Fizzy is the single most inspirational force in my life right now. It sounds so stupid but he's made me stay sane and safe multiple times. I just wish I could repay him. 

Okay so I just wanted to confess my love for my friends. Without them I'm positive I would have been gone a long time ago. I'm so difficult to be friends with and I just hope they know how much I appreciate them.
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