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Hey people! 

Quotes by MrsJHutch

Girls: Stop waiting for your knight in shining aromor to come save you. It's not going to happen. Save YOURSELF

"birth control should be already in us when we're born and then we should have to take pills for us to get pregnant."

                                                        -Grace Helbig 


1. Write tumblr quotes (nothing against that)

2. Write tons of quotes a day (nothing against that)

3. Make a cool profile with the words "follow for a follow" in huge letters 

(nothing against that)

4. Follow tons of people causing them to follow back, and vice versa

(nothing against that)

5. Once you're happy with the number of followers you have, unfollow all 

except the ones who you believe are still worthy (problem)



I'm  this weird species of girl who  absolutely can not  have chocolate when  I'm  on  my   period. 


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My relationship with food is very sensitive, mostly because

It's my entire life



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  Happy 23 Birthday

Jennifer Lawrence


  You should date me cause I may be ugly now but I'm           like a fine wine, I'll uh probably get better with age


I had a dragon sillyband.... 

Be Jealous

 100 days until Catching Fire comes out