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Torn In Between:
Chapter 9:
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I woke up the next day, my eyes kind of swollen. "We have 30 minutes until school, hurry up..", Ashley said dully. "What's wrong? You're normally a morning person..", I said. She shook her head.

"Just because all of this with Trevor being an idiot is going on doesn't mean it has to effect you.. Im sorry", I said. "Kassidy, not everything revolves around you..", she snapped. I put my hands up in innocence and walked to the bathroom to get ready.

"Better make sure you read the dress code", Ashley said, sitting on the toilet and putting her boots on. "It's snowing today, by the way so dress warm. I'll see you in second period. We don't have first together, so" she said, getting up. "Bye", I said.

The door closed, and I looked at myself. "Great.. First day of school and this is what everyone is going to see? The sad you? No. You go in there, and if you can't find a reason to be, at least pretend to be happy", I said practicing my smile, and applying my makeup.

I decided to change my makeup and make it darker so my hazel eyes would pop. "So, were you talking to yourself?", Blake asked as he walked in the bathroom. "Crap!", I screamed as I turned around. "Can't just sneak up on me like that", I said, hitting him on the chest. He looked down at me and smiled, and then, he kissed me..

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Torn In Between

Chapter 8:

Ashley's POV:

"Good job ladies! Next practice is on Thursday at 4 til 6. Remember to work on your toe touches, some of y'all looked like crap today. Work hard!", said Mrs Grady as we all grabbed our cheer bags from our lockers. I pushed the glass doors of the workout room open and wiped the sweat off my brow. Good thing I had taken my makeup off before I came.

I turned the corner and was headed towards my dorm when I saw Trevor, stalking around the beach. "Yo T! What's wrong?", I asked. He flicked his head in my direction. I had never seen him that upset. His eyes looked swollen and he was snorting he was so upset. "Get away!", he said. It was out of sadness and not anger, so I didn't budge or act shocked.

"I don't even know if it's worth it anymore Ashley!", he said to me. "What are you talking about?", I asked, laying down my blue cheer bag. "She doesn't believe me. She wanted to hear my secret, I get the guts to tell her, and then she treats me like I'm stupid and runs away", he said, throwing his arms around while he talked.

"Maybe she's in shock", I said. "Maybe.. But it is so hard to love someone, come back magically, and then for them not to believe you. I loved her. I always have, and I always will, but she just doesn't believe me", he said, finally stopping the tears. "Meet me in the library tomorrow at seven okay? We need to figure this out. She needs you back", I said.

OK so yesterday I accidentaly titled one chapter "Chapter 5" (Trevor's POV one)and it was actually chapter 6. Sorry about that. Anyway, here's chapter 7. Hope you enjoy:)
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Chapter 7:

Kassidy's POV:

"Really?!" I screamed when I made it down a deserted hallway. I could barely see my hand in front of my face, I was crying so hard. Maybe I was getting a little over emotional over all of this but he only did this because he wants me. He's jealous of Blake. Right?

I heard foosteps coming from my right. "Hello..?" I called. It echoed off the wall. "Kassidy?", Josh called. "Go away.." I said, loudly, trying to hide the tears. "I can't. Not with you crying like you are.. I heard it while I was in the Art Room. What happened?", he asked.

"Can we talk about it later maybe?", I asked. "Nope", he said as he sat down beside me. I sighed. The tears stung at my face as the rolled out of my eyes. "Dang girl", he began "you look like crap", then he busted into laughter. I laughed slightly and kind of smiled.

"So. What happened? Believe me, if you don't tell me I will find out..", he said. "Trevor", I said. "What'd he say to you?", he asked. "How do you know he didn't hurt me or something?", I asked. "Because if he had hurt you, I would've already beat him up", he explained.

"You're like the brother I never had.. But he.. Well, he told me he was David. Does he not know how bad that hurts my feelings? Does he not know that I know he only did that to get me. Blake wants me too, and he wanted my attention.. That's all it is", I said, getting up off the floor. He looked me deep in the eyes, and then he hugged me and patted my back. "I love you", he said, "but I can't help you there. I don't know if he's lying or not, and neither do you. Let him try to prove himself before you tell him what he is and what he is not".

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Torn in Between

Chapter 5:

Trevor's POV:

"She just doesn't understand", I mumbled to myself, as I stuck four quarters in the coke machine. The machine made a loud rumbling noise and out came my coke. I took a sip and headed to the beach. I sat in the sand and watched as the waves lapped against the sandy surface. "If only I could tell her..", I said. "God, Why can't I tell her? She's in her room right now probably worried I'm some kind of killer...", I mumbled.

"You have a once in a lifetime chance.. Why not tell her? Well, she'll think I'm an idiot, trying to tick her off, or just making fun of her..", I said, answering my own question.

"I just wish there were some way for me to prove it to her..", I said. "I know how", said a voice behind me. I turned around and there stood Kassidy. "Tell me. Now. Im right here. Be a man Mr. Parker", she said smiling. She sat down beside me and laid her head on my shoulder.

Dont mess this up. "Look, I know exactly what you're gonna do when I tell you this. You have to promise me something before I let it all out", I said. "Anything", she said, putting her hand in mine. "You have to promise that if you get mad, that it won't be for long", I said. "Promise", she replied.

"I will go as far as I have to, to make you fall in love with me again", I said. "What are you talking about?", she asked, looking at me puzzled. "Kassidy.. I am David", I said. I fealt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest for a moment, but it came right back to me when she said nothing for a little while.

Then, she got up, and began to cry. Her face turned red, and she exploded into so many curse words. "You really think you're David huh? Do you think this crap is funny Trevor? I come to hang out with you and tell me this crap? All because you and Blake both want me, huh?", she said. I sighed.

"Kass, please let me explain", I said. "Do not ever call me Kass.. That was mine and David's thing, and you have no right to call me by that", she said. "Kass.." I began, but it was too late. She had already ran. I needed to prove it to her, and fast.

Hey guys:) I dont know how often im gonna be on here today because im kind of busy today so I went ahead and am posting Chapter 5. Chapter 6 is Trevor's POV. Exciting, huh? Well just wait. :) Hopefully ill be back in time to post Chapter 6. So excited. Anyways. Read, Comment, and Fav:)

Torn In Between:

Chapter 5:

"I kind of.. Well", he began. Then the door swung open and there stood Blake, his face as red as a cherry and both of his fists clenched by his sides. He had been pelted with eggs. "Can I get a shower here?", he begged. "No", Trevor said, quickly. "Trevor be nice. And yes, that door right there", I said, nodding towards the bathroom door. "Thanks..", Blake said as he awkwardly walked to the bathroom.

"Trevor what has gotten into you??? What the crap??", I asked, but it was so hard not to smile. He bit his lip and smiled. "He was talking nasty about you in the workout room today, so as he was walking down the hall, I egged him. The things he said just triggered something, and I got mad.. So be happy I took up for you", he said, smiling. When he said that, he reminded me of someone. David.

I hugged him. I couldn't help it. It was like being with David again when he used to take up for me on the playground at recess in like kindergarten. I smiled when he hugged me tighter. "So. You wanna go fishing tomorrow?", he asked. "School..?", I said. "We can go after school", he said.

"You dont play any sports?", I asked. "I'll skip for you", he said, rubbing his tan hand hard up and down my arm. "No you won't. You'll go to practice. We can go swimming after practice. Sound good?", I asked. "Totally", he said.


A few minutes passed and Blake walked out of the bathroom, shirtless in only a towel to cover up his.... well, ya know. Trevor stood up, and took off his shirt, exposing his abs. I swear I started drooling. Two sets of abs in the same room with me. I didn't smile, only because I held it in. "Here. I'm sure she'd appreciate seeing my finely toned abs better than yours pretty boy", Trevor said, as he threw his black polo to Blake, winked, and then walked out.

"Kassidy, did he tell yo-" Blake began. "Go get dressed. We'll talk later..", I said. He smiled. "Got cha", he said. He closed the door behind him, and Josh took his place through the door. "So... What happened..?", he asked, laughing. "Blake got egged", I laughed.

Josh laughed. "Yeah, Trevor's dead tonight.. Just wait until they have football practice..", Josh said. The room fell quiet. "So.. Wanna go out to eat somewhere? Just me and you. As friends..?", he asked. I nodded. "Yeah, can't wait", I smiled.


Torn In Between
Chapter 4:
He had the guts to come sit behind me? Really Trevor? I like you, you apologize and then you show up with another girl? Then I remember, I was also doing the same with him and Blake. I just couldn't decide. I don't know them well enough, I'll decide later.

Trevor patted my shoulder as he walked behind me. I looked over at him, like I didn't know who it was. Blake made a grunting noise, so I patted him on the leg. "Goodmorning everyone!", the preacher began. A few people said goodmorning.

"Aww I know y'all wanna be up at 6:30! Say it back!", he said, then put his hand behind his ear. More goodmornings were said. I believe in God, and I tried my hardest to listen but my ADD kicked in and all I could think about was him and that black headed girl.

Before I knew it, the bell rang to dismiss church, and everyone filed out as quickly as they began, but some took their time. I stayed towards the back, behind Trevor and that girl. Blake grabbed for my hand, but I jerked it away.

Outside of the church Trevor gave me a hug, and apologized again. This was what? The second or third time? "So, Kassidy", Trevor began, "this is my little sister, Jessica". I let out a loud sigh of relief before I had realized I had done it and he smiled. "Knew it. You were jealous", he said. "I never said that", I said.

"You didn't have to", he smiled. He was right. He was what I wanted. I wanted to be with him at the moment, but at the same time something in me pulled me to Blake too.


Blake went back to his dorm while Josh and I kept walking. Ashley had cheer practice at 9 so she went on ahead so she wouldn't be late. "You know you're gonna have to pick one sooner or later", Josh said, picking up a rock. He tossed it against a metal trash can causing a big disruption in the quiet scene. "What? I don't even like them like that", I lied.

He shook his head and smiled at the ground. "Liar", he said. "Okay I like them, but who's nicer? You're a dude", I said. "Nicer? We are dudes.. Not dogs.. Not many guys are as you say, 'nice' ", he said, putting air quotes over the word nice. We opened the door to my dorm and I could still smell the bacon from this morning. "You really need to know Trevor's secret to pick..", he said. "Good or bad secret?", I asked.

"Ehh.. Hard to get used to I guess, but after a while you just get used to it and that thought is pushed to the back of your mind", he said. The door to the dorm swung open. It was Trevor. "Yep, well I better go", said Josh patting my leg as he left.

"What?", I asked. He shut the door behind him. Leaving it just me and him alone. Together. In the same room. "I need to talk to you.. You're gonna hate me for this", he said. I sighed. "What'd you do this time Trevor?"


Torn In Between
Chapter 3:
"What is it? I don't think any "secret", you could tell me right now would make my day any happier, but cha know. Go for gold. I'm waiting!", I said. "I.. I can't tell you", he sighed. "Well then why am I wasting my time standing here?", I asked, turning around. "Because unlike a lot of guys here I don't want to hook up with you", he said. "Excuse me? Should I take that offensively?" I asked. "No way. That kinda came out wrong. Look, I'm Josh Hennington, I want to be your friend and nothing more", he said.
I swallowed. "Alright, but why can't you tell me the secret? Can it seriously be THAT bad?", I asked. "It seriously can. Let's just say, Trevor was never a troubled teen. Something else happened and now he's here but if the school board finds out his secret, he's out of this school, and he'd be sent to jail", he said.
"That bad?", I asked shyly. "That bad..", he nodded. "I'm going to bed. My head hurts. See you later, Josh", I said. "See ya", I heard him say as I walked off.
I plopped myself down on my bed and clicked the TV on. I watched about five minutes of the news and then the dorm room creeked open. I turned around and there stood Blake and Trevor, both being dragged in the room by Ashley. For her to be as small as she is, she was pretty strong.
"What?" I asked, glaring at them both. Trevor was the first to speak. "Sorry. You just.. You just don't understand how bad I want to tell you what I have to hide..", he said. "What are you talking about?", I asked. "I cant tell you.. If I did, you'd think I was stupid!", he said. "Already do.." Blake said.
Ashley tightened her grip on Blake's arm. "OUCH", Blake exclaimed. "I already think both of y'all are crazy. Go ahead and tell me", I said, keeping direct eye contact with Trevor.
He bent down and hugged me. I patted his back. I looked over his shoulder and Ashley looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. Blake just smiled in jealousy.
"Y'all need to leave. Bye", Ashley said pushing them out the door. "Boys are so stupid", she said plopping down beside me on the bed. "Really the news? Change this shizz. We need to watch Honey Boo Boo or somethin..", she said, typing in the channel number, and sure enough there was Honey Boo Boo.
"Sorry about earlier.. Like I said before, Boys are just stupid. They have cooties", she laughed. I sighed, and turned over to where my stomach faced the cieling. "They're jealous of each other and have been since Trevor moved here. But you wanna know something weird? Trever doesn't have a birth certificate. He just kinda popped up.. He's mysterious I guess you could say", she said taking a big bite out of her chocolate chip cookie.
"That's weird though.. They let him in even though he didn't have one?" I asked. "I guess. I dont know what he did to get here, and very few people know what he did to end up here", she said.
"Some guy came and was talking to me after all that happened", I said. "Yeah that's Josh. He ran out right after you did. He's so adorable. As in like sweet I mean.. He's so not my type", she said. I could tell she was lying though. Lying through her teeth.
The next morning the smell of bacon and eggs woke me up. I smiled and walked to our kitchen to find Ashley and Josh all dressed up. I rubbed my eyes. "Go get dressed. We got church in an hour", Josh said. I put a thumb up and walked to my closet. I slid the door open and I found all my clothes neatly hung. I grabbed my brown and white polka dot dress, and slipped on some shoes. "You look like crap", Josh said when I walked back in the kitchen.
"Well goodmorning beautiful to you too!", I laughed, digging my fork into the mound of eggs Ashley had laid on my plate. Ashley was beggining to be like my mom away from home. Dang I missed my mom. "I don't have a bible", I said when the room fell quiet.
She handed me a red bible that was sitting in her lap. "Now you do", she said. "So.. I gotta tell you something..", Ashley said. "Yeah?" I asked. "Well I found out Trevor's secret last night. I wasn't told it but giving from what happened last night and a bunch of other stuff I already knew, I figured it out", she said smiling.
The bell rang, warning us that we have five minutes until church started. I grabbed my red Bible off my lampside table, and Ashley and Josh followed shortly behind me. I was headed down the stairs and Blake caught eye contact with me. Crap.
"Hey cutie", he said, latching his arm through mine. I smiled. I couldn't help it. As much as I wanted to be mad at him, I just couldn't stay that way.
The church appeared before me. It was a bricked structure with huge stained glass windows, and on top was a gigantic bell. Everyone awaited until the bell finally sound. Everyone quickly rushed in, like it was Black Friday. I grabbed onto Blake's hand and I caught eye contact and he started to blush.
We got our seats and Josh sat on my right and Blake to my left. To the right of Josh was Ashley. Josh elbowed me and said "Gum?". I smiled and took the green strip of stride from him.
The doors swung open, and like it was a reaction, everyone of course looked back. I glanced for a second, not really too curious, considering that I didn't know too many people at this school, but something made me look twice. It was Trevor, and he was with a girl..


Hey my name is Kaitlynn. I aspire to be a writer. This is my best work so far. This only the first chapter. The story has a twist to it, and you'll become addicted if you keep reading:) Please feel free to express your opinions. Thanks:)

Torn In Between
Chapter One:
"Mom, this is gonna suck!", I said as we drove up the long gravel driveway to Linch Highschool. This school was going to be the death of me, with it seperating me from the world and everything I had once and always wanted to do. I had done this to myself though, considering that only kids that needed help got put in here. My mom was going to miss me. I hope my Dad did too..
"It's a boarding school", I mumbled to my mother and myself. I watched sadly as the tiny droplets of rain water trickled down the tinted car window. "Kassidy, I'll keep in touch. And besides, you'll get to see me during Holidays and on the days they let me come visit. As soon as I get the schedule and that day comes, I'll be right up here", she said squeezing my hand, clearly holding back the painful tears she wasn't letting out, and smiled.
The school came into view. It was a huge brick building engulfed in the dark forestry behind it. The school didn't look all that bad, and for some reason it looked like a happy place to be. To the right of the monstrous structure was a beach with crystal clear water so pure you could see each little fish swimming along. To the stood tall brick buildings with numbers, clearly indicating that they were the dorms in which one, I'd be staying.
We parked in front of the lobby and swung open the glass doors. A way too perky blond lady smiled at me. "Well, Goodmorning sweetheart!!!!! Mrs. Smith, here's your paperwork we didn't send in the mail. Sorry for that by the way", she said, still smiling. She smiled at me like she was constipated. I half smiled back, and sat down in the brown recliners that lined the lobby wall. The large lobby looked more like a hospital than it did a school lobby.
The door to the lobby swung open and I swear I started drooling, when I saw the most beautiful human being walk through the doors. "Ahh. Hello Kassidy. I'm Blake, and today, I will be showing you around the school", he said, his deep voice, and blue eyes hypnotized me.
His eyes and voice weren't the only thing pefect about him. His smile revealed pearly white teeth, and his lips were the kind everyone wanted, but only he was lucky enough to have. He flipped his thick dark brown hair, and I smiled.
I was going to ask him how old he was but the school bell chimed and he said, "Ah Lunch. You hungry?", he asked. I nodded and followed him out the door after saying my goodbyes to my Mother. "Don't be scared to talk to me. You'll have to get used to me sometime since I'll basically be your tour guide today", he said, then he laughed.
I coughed. "Is the food good?", I asked. "It's a rich boarding school. It's amazing! Lobster and butter, steak, japanese, sushi, burgers.." He said, smiling. He reached for my hand, and I pulled mine away quickly. "Sorry, I couldn't resist.. You are very pretty, you know that right?", he asked. I smiled.
We strowed down the long dark hallways, past many students, and finally we made it to the mess hall. "Better not be vegetarian.." he said. "Oh believe me, I'm not"
A mouth watering aroma flushed through my nostrils as he swung the doors to the mess hall open. It was steak. I grabbed a blue tray and the lunch ladies placed the delicious looking food onto my plate.
The steak stared at me, and it drove me to the point I wanted to cry. No. Kassidy. Not now.. I got up and ran out the door. I sat outside in the beach's sand. I couldn't eat steak anymore since David had died. "You need to move on.." I said to myself.
"From what?", Blake asked, sitting beside me. "David. He's all I can think about. I loved him. Why did he have to leave me?!" I cried, burrying my head in between my knees. Blake played with my hair and then put his arm around me. "He shouldn't have dumped you.. He was a very lucky guy to have you"
"He didn't dump me. He died.."

Saying "Soooo..." when there is nothing else to talk about.