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Heyy, so you've stumbled
upon my profile
Well I'm 15, a girl and love

Harry Potter,
One Direction, Movies, Books

Badminton and you  
Just remember
One thing you're beautiful


Quotes by Mrs_Malfoy

Whenever I'm mad at a guy I try to look extra good just to make him feel bad.. I'm pretty evil

What he said: I'm over you.
What it felt like: She's on top of me.
Some days I walk around all "I'm the sexiest thing alive."
Other days I'm all "Eww what is that fugly thing in the mirror?"
Hey hey guys, guess how many followers I have?
Thas right.

So until today I didnt know HMU meant hit me up,
I looked it up on urban dictionarry and it said

"Hold my unicorn."
"Hold my unicorn."
"Hold my unicorn."
"Hold my unicorn."
"Hold my unicorn."
"Hold my unicorn."
Just thought I'd share that information

Me *to my friend*: I'm starting to think the high school parties they show in movies don't exist!

Friend: Oh m-

Random dude behind her: Or you just don't get invited to them

Me: ...

Me: Shut up no one likes you

True Story
He has ruin everything for me.
Every time I see a cute movie I'm like that's bull.
Every time I see a funny pickup line I'm like he probably uses it on her.
Every time I see a cute couple I realize that I'm alone.
Every time I see her I think how she's better than me.
Every time I see them together I realize that he chose her.
Every time I see me I see that I'm not worth it.

I'm not worth anyone.
They all say I can't do it...

No one believes in me.

Well I don't care. I am going to do it.

I will, yes me.

I will make fetch happen.


Any Canadians out there?


f o r m a t   j i m m y 3 6 5 
I just walked in on my 21 year old brother and hs friend listening to One Direction.
That's right ladies and gentlemen future Directioner!

P.s I told his girlfriend and she laughed her head off