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One Directiothings#193

Hi welcome to McDirection, would you like a Tomlinsonbum burger, a side of Styles Pie, a McNiall, some Zayn juice and a slice of Paynecake? 

What's your faveourite ;) ,...



One Directiothings#192

Niall: Zayn is the mysterious one, you never know what he's thinking.
Zayn: ...Sheep



One Directiothings#192

Zayn: Louis ate Niall's last chips when Niall went to the toilet,
and Niall got so angry he didn't talk to Louis for an hour..

Niall and his food :')


One Directiothings#191

Harry: If it wasn't for the fans, we would have nothing.
Niall: We owe them everything.
Harry: My girls are incredible.

Awwwww :') 


One Directiothings#Fanfic
Chapter 7

I woke up groggily the next morning with a bad taste at the back of my throat. I’d ended up having two out of my three owed hot chocolates the night before and had returned to my room so tired I’d forgotten to brush my teeth. I trudged into the kitchen area of the little apartment-like space I shared with my mother and a crumpled piece of paper and handful of banknotes sitting on the bench caught my eye. I recognised my mother’s loopy handwriting immediately and learnt that she would be at the rehearsals all day and that she wanted me to go out and buy something nice for myself. I wondered where she thought I was going to go, in a city I’d only just arrived in without even so much as a map. After getting dressed, I packed my handbag with the money from the bench, some make-up, a compact mirror, my camera, the spare hotel key, and my dog-eared copy of The Secret Garden - a book which had been my favourite since I was little. The reason I’d brought it with me all this way, was that I knew, wherever I was in the world, opening this book to any page could bring me home again.
I knew by experience that could be an invaluable thing to have. 

I set out into the chilly London air, pulling my beanie over my ears and crossing the road. I had no idea where I was going but I guess that made it all the more exciting. I recognised the shadow of my excitable seven-year-old self lurking around, anticipating adventures around every corner. I found my way to a busier street filled with flashy shop windows and most people seemed to look like they’d just walked out of a Burberry ad. I noticed what a typically ignorant Aussie I was being, comparing these people around me to the one British label I knew, just because they were British. I wondered if I looked like a tourist. I desperately hoped I didn’t. There was something about this place that just made me feel like I’d been here for years and that I belonged – my home - when really, my denim bag with the worn Australian flag printed on it was a straight out give away. I turned it so the flag print was hiding against my jacket and kept walking, forgetting the cold and embracing my new surroundings. 
I don’t know how long I was walking. I didn’t enter many shops or even a cafe; just being here, in this foreign atmosphere was enough to make me dizzy with elation. It was like my brain had completely floated away in a little fantasy…  Memories of last night flashed through my mind. Liam explaning his spoon phobia to me, Niall finishing my third hot chocolate for me, Zayn flirting furiously with the girl behind the cahier, Louis entertaining me with his thoughts on clowns, and Liam breaking up the squabbles between Niall and Zayn. And then there was Harry, with is perfect lips, telling his peverted jokes. I walked around with a huge smile on my face.. and then I returned to complete consciousness, I realised I had no idea where I was. Each road and sign seemed to look the same and I tried to retrace my steps but my memory was no help. I swore under my breath and pulled out my phone. I’d been gone at least two hours - not the worst possible situation, but that did nothing to change the fact that I’d be out here for another two if I couldn’t figure out how to get back to the hotel. 

:D Tell me what you think? 
Have been getting amazing feedback so far THANKYOU!! :D
means so much to me :')
hope you guys liked it :/  

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One Directiothings#190

 How to get into One Direction's tour without a ticket.

1. dress up as an old lady and claim you're Harry's girlfriend. 

 dress as an exterminator and say you received a call off Liam complaining about there being too many spoons in the building.

3pretend to be Zayn's old English teacher and say you're concerned he cannot say 'What's happening' properly, so you must see him.

4,  buy a Nando's take out meal and claim you're delivering Niall's order of food.

5. hire a Simon Cowell look alike and make him demand that you are let inside the arena NOW!

6buy a milkshake and tell security that you need to see 1D so you can test the theory of my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

7. dress up as a doctor and tell security you're very concerned about Louis' carrot fascination so you must see him straight away

8. tell security you have lost you parent or guardian and that you need to check inside in order to find them.

9. arrange for Dynamo the magician to meet you outside the arena so he can work his magic and get you inside.

and if all else fails
10. get you friends to dress up as spoons, cats, potatoes, leprechaun, carrots, turtles and woody and a giant pigeon and tell security the supporting band has arrived.
"Niall and The Potatoes"

Directioners YGM ;)


One Directiothings#189

 Niall said the other day he has a phobia of pigeons, ever since one attacked him when he was on the toilet when he wal little.
OMG. how the hell does that happen :L aha



One Directiothings#188

 Niall knew he could sing when he sang in the car once and his family thought it was coming from the radio.
Niall And The Potatoes FTW


One Directiothings#Fanfic
Chapter 6 (PART TWO)

We all sat crowded around the little coffee table in the middle of the room eating our dinner. Louis and I had received the food as it was delivered by a boy in the hotel uniform who made a show of his annoyance at having to carry up so much food.  “No tip for you!” Louis yelled at the boy as he left down the hall. I slammed the door quickly and burst into a fit of giggles. Zayn said he wished he’d ordered a whole other meal while the boy was up here since he seemed to enjoy his job so much. I wish he’d done too. As we ate, the boys filled me in on the plot of the soap opera (though I hadn’t really taken them as soapie-watching kinda guys…). They asked me about my friends back in Australia - I told them about my best friend Sara and another friend Maria - and Louis of course wanted to know if we really rode kangaroos to school.
“Only the kids in the outback do,” I told him. After we’d finished dinner, I started to clear the plates off the coffee table.
“Are you mad?” Louis asked incredulously. “Sweetie pie, this is a hotel
. You don’t do dishes, they’ll clear them tomorrow morning,” he insisted. I stopped half way to the kitchen with the stack of plates in my hands.
“I can’t just leave them for other people to pick up.”
“As conceited as this is going to sound, it is
 kinda their job.”
“I’m my mother’s daughter. I clean, I organise everything,” I said smiling.
“You’re not one of those creepy OCD people are you?” Louis laughed.
“No I’m not that bad. But I’m not a hobo either. I’m not going to live amongst dirty dishes!”
“Ah, go ahead then,” Louis sighed.
“Boys, boys, boys,” I sighed. “You’ll do anything to get out of cleaning won’t you? ‘This is a hotel!’” I said, mocking Louis’ laid back tone. Harry chuckled and pushed himself up from the floor. “I’ll help,” he said following me into the kitchen. He rifled through the cupboards and produced a blue checked tea towel. “You wash, I’ll dry?”
“Sure,” I replied, filling the sink.
“So, I bet you’re regretting not buying that dress yesterday,” he teased as I handed him a plate to dry. “Not in the slightest,” I replied. “Can’t have my mother thinking you boys are already having a bad influence on me!”
“You could easily hide it from her”
“You are a bad influence! And no, I’m not like that anyway.”
“I’m only kidding, Mellisa,” he chuckled. I smiled and handed him another plate.
“You must be glad to get away from school for so long,” he said stacking the crockery with a clatter.
“You have no idea,” I replied, focusing my eyes on the bowl I was scrubbing.
“You don’t like school?”
“Er, no not really. Where I go is like a prison for girls, with bricks for electric fences and a ‘get out of jail free’ card that allows us out each night to go home, eat dinner and then return again in the morning,” I said, letting the sarcasm seep into my tone. 
“really... It’s that bad?” 
“No,” I said smiling up at him, “but I cant wait to get out of there all the same. You pop stars are lucky you don’t have to worry about that kinda stuff anymore eh?”
“Maybe, but ‘we pop stars’ are faced with a whole set of other problems,” he replied, detecting the teasing note in my voice. 
“I can only imagine,” I said, shaking my head, solemnly. “Having beautiful girls follow you around all the time must be hell.” He responded to my taunt by hitting me on the arm with the dish cloth. I looked at him with my mouth wide open. “That was uncalled for.”
He smiled cheekily. “So was your comment.” 
“Know your boundaries, Harry,” I said, narrowing my eyes but trying to hold in a laugh. “You already owe me three hot chocolates.” 
“Speaking of,” he said pointing a finger at me, “Why don’t we go get those hot chocolates?” 
“Sounds like a good idea to me,” I smiled sweetly.
Free hot chocolate…in London…with five of the most genetically blessed boys I’d ever set eyes on. Good idea? That was an understatement.
:D Tell me what you think? 
Have been getting amazing feedback so far THANKYOU!! :D
means so much to me :')

oh and if you want be to notify when next chapter out please comment :)


One Directiothings#187

The boys are being sued for $1 million by an American band named 'OneDirection' clamping copy right to the name. The Boys have said they are going to resist it and are not going to change their name. Thank God.
One Direction UK >>> One Direction USA