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Hi welcome to McDirection, would you like a Tomlinsonbum burger, a side of Styles Pie, a McNiall, some Zayn juice and a slice of Paynecake? 

What's your faveourite ;) ,...


I can't be no super man,

But for you I'll be super human.


Louis once dressed up in a carrot costume for a charity event.


Vas Happenin'!?


I hate Directioners that think they're better than the rest.

We all love 1D. Why can't we all just respect that?

This quote does not exist.
What happened to Witty?

Isn't Witty for REAL QUOTES?
• Not people saying: "Oh i have cancer", "my mom has cancer", "fave this so my parents quit smoking", "my sibling will stop doing drugs." and all that bullsh*t. Are you even telling the truth? I can't prove anything but it's kinda pathetic. Making quotes about it, trying to get sympathy Yeah it's sad and I'm sorry but why are you telling the world about it?

•all the cutting stuff. It really makes me upset that so many people cut and I try to give advice and help but I guess I'm bad at giving advice... and i dont know if your faking or lying or doing it for attention but putting it on witty kinda looks like you are doing it for attention.. people with real pain dont share it with the world. and they tell me they say it for support but im not going to support people who cut im sorry. its wrong theres no point in cutting. and thinking about suicide are people with no hope. ill admit i used to think about suicide but i realized that were all so young and we have a whole life ahead of us and when we get older were going to be able to do whatever we want and we dont have to listen to anybody just do what makes you happy and if you havent found it yet then try new things! thats my advice...

•all those hate quotes. We get it, you don't like brandon cyrus. Obviously he's not going to go away, so stop bullying him.
And you don't like the same people getting top quotes. But by making quotes about it, you're just making them more popular... Plus if a lot of people fave something; obviously they like the quote! So chill yeah seeing OneDirection and hunger games quotes are annoying but a lot of people fave them so obviously they like them. But its not really original but if thats what the people want then let them have it.
 bullying. Witty is a place where people can make quotes and friends. Be kind and nice to each other. Calling people "attention wh*re" doesn't make you a kind-hearted person. The main reason why you even call them attention wh*re is because you're jealous that they get top quotes. And wanna know why they are on top all the time? Because a lot of people like their quotes. And i understand that other people should get a chance to be on top as well, but they can't help that all of you fave their quotes. 

Another thing about witty. All those stupid quotes too. Example, "everyone is beautiful." . . . . . Okay? Now what? What was the point of that? I understand that maybe you were trying to boost others self-esteem, but it should be a real quote! Even Steve agrees thats why he's making more rules and the "fave if" aren't allowed anymore because its not a realy quote! Try saying something that actually is a little more complex and has more meaning. Thats what the site was created for. For WITTY quotes. Amusingly clever in perception and expression. Yah know.

• Lastly, I know what all of you are thinking. "Wow, what a b*tchh bagging on witty and complaining" and stuff like that. And I'm aware of that. I'm sorry but all of this had to be said. I've seen a lot of girls making quotes and saying the same thing. So I'm not alone. And now you're probably going to call me a hypocrite like this isn't a witty quote and stuff. Don't worry, like I said before, I'm aware. No need to tell me. Please don't be commenting on this quote and my profile, saying that stuff. It just makes you look bad. Starting drama.

Thank you for reading this, and you can hate on me and stuff tell me what you think! Alright I'm done now. Okay Bye!

 if i'm louder, would you see me?
 Would you lay down, in my arms and rescue me??
That line makes me cry, every damn time.



They aren't GAY- they've all had girlfriends, and Liam and Louis still DO.
They aren't OVEREXPOSED- what's wrong with having a lot of fans?

Honestly, I thought WITTY was anti-hate. Or at least it used to be. Now, it's just going COLD and MEAN. And I want a stop to it.

Yes, I'm a little annoyed by 1D having so many top quotes, but considering this is one about One Direction, I'm keeping my mouth closed. Because you guys saying they're "Gay" and whatnot are RUDE.

Now, Re-post this with your username, if you agree with me. You don't have to be a Directioner.