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Status: I hate you all.
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Quotes by Derprie ⚓*

Always in the end, comes HOPE and REBIRTH.
Men who only judge women by their appearance are scumbags.
I'm still hoping it's me and you in the end.
My biggest fear is that eventually..
you will see me the way I see myself..
"Come in,"
       She said
"I'll give you shelter

             from the storm."

Dear whoever is reading this,
    You are beautiful.
In some way or another, you are a great human being.
Don't let anyone tell you differently.
You are worth something,
You can do anything you want in life.
Don't ever give up.
We can all win this fight.
I promise.

I hope you drown in your bubble bath.
It's not "that time of the month." I just fücking hate you.
Go masterbäte with a knife.
My eyelashes are longer than your dïck.