Status: can someone inform me on who decided to call everyone but wittians 'peasants'
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Hello beautiful. (: Or handsome, if you happen to be a guy.

Um okay. Now I have no idea what to say, like an awkward person. My name is Claire, I was born on December 15, and I'm crazy about writing. I absolutely adore reading (nerd over here) and, as I already mentioned, writing. K, I think I have nothing else to say. :p
I know we only met, but
let's pretend it's love.
"I'm one of those girls,
That with a single scratch on my heart, I'll cry,
That with a broken heart, my soul will die,
But I'll just put on that plastic smile and walk,
In shoes that aren't mine."
You're beautiful. 

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Htextemt himorning;
we haven't spoken in three years.
To all my followers:
my new account is probablyclaire okay bye~

Who you really belong with hates short skirts, refuses to wear high heels, and avoids makeup like there's no tomorrow. But the truth is, she'll always love you no matter what. But then, you bring in the guns, and shoot me to my death, leaving me heart b r o k e n, just like all the rest.


                                                                is  a littlhope.              

i waa lonelsoul, 
                                                                but that's the olme.              
Feel Again - One Republic

What was the real purpose of witty?
I mean, besides teenage girls posting repeated quotes?

My friends were at my house the other day, and one of them just blurts out, 'have any of you thought about suicide? be honest.'
None of us raised our hand. I didn't have the guts to. The fact that my best friends, the people who are closest to me, don't believe that I was bullied, makes me lose a little of my trust in them. I didn't want to have to explain why. I didn't want them to say that they'd miss me. I can't explain it. I just want to disappear. I want to be gone.



Am I the only one who tries to avoid/ignore him to see if he'll try to talk to me?


All it takes is one word, two letters, to change a life forever.


Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day you said you were gay. This year, to save me from tears, I'll give it to someone bisexual. 
not meant to offend