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Hello beautiful. (: Or handsome, if you happen to be a guy.

Um okay. Now I have no idea what to say, like an awkward person. My name is Claire, I was born on December 15, and I'm crazy about writing. I absolutely adore reading (nerd over here) and, as I already mentioned, writing. K, I think I have nothing else to say. :p
I know we only met, but
let's pretend it's love.
"I'm one of those girls,
That with a single scratch on my heart, I'll cry,
That with a broken heart, my soul will die,
But I'll just put on that plastic smile and walk,
In shoes that aren't mine."
You're beautiful. 

Quotes by MsMinty101

Everyday in my math class, my teacher draws a name for a piece of chocolate, which is taken quite seriously.
So, my teacher pulled out a white slip, and my crush, screamed "Yes! I have the only white slip!" And then the teacher read my name. 

Guess who I got to make fun of the rest of the day?



Today, I got to hold his hand.
He had no idea that he made my day.


Texting with wet nail polish
and getting it all over your phone.

People always say, "You want a boyfriend, don't you?"

And to be honesty, no I don't. I'm perfectly happy right now. I don't want that weight of my shoulders, that possibility of losing someone close to me. 

You may think you can't live without one, but I can.



I was this close to 
wearing his jacket today.

Thank you, brother. 

Me: *getting back of popcorn out because I haven't felt insecure about my body lately*
Him: Didn't you already have a bag of popcorn today?
Me: Yeah, why?
Him: Two bags is excessive. 
Me: You're not in charge of me.
Him: Okay, eat if you want to get large ... er.

Guess who's most likely not going to eat tomorrow?



You're a conceited, rude, arrogant, and 
stupid jerk. But, somehow, you made me fall for you.


All I want is to be
your  e v e r y t h i n g .


Boys are like math. 
They always make me cry.

I'm this close to breaking. 

Everyday, if I do something wrong, people pat my back and tell me its okay. If my teacher says only one or two people got an A on the test, people cough and say my name. People in my math class cry because they want to be as smart as me. More than half of the people I know hate me because I'm smart, and (apparently) pretty. 
You have no idea how hard it is to live up to perfect standards.



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