Status: can someone inform me on who decided to call everyone but wittians 'peasants'
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Hello beautiful. (: Or handsome, if you happen to be a guy.

Um okay. Now I have no idea what to say, like an awkward person. My name is Claire, I was born on December 15, and I'm crazy about writing. I absolutely adore reading (nerd over here) and, as I already mentioned, writing. K, I think I have nothing else to say. :p
I know we only met, but
let's pretend it's love.
"I'm one of those girls,
That with a single scratch on my heart, I'll cry,
That with a broken heart, my soul will die,
But I'll just put on that plastic smile and walk,
In shoes that aren't mine."
You're beautiful. 

Quotes by MsMinty101

You know what sucks about being in love with your best friend?
You don't know if you want to take a chance, because you don't want to lose them. ♥

He won't 
let me touch his hair. :c

me: i like Taylor Swift
everybody else: Ke$ha's better

me: i like One Direction
everybody else: Justin's better.

me: i like The Fray
everybody else: who's that

me: I like Coldplay
everybody else: who's that

me: i like Cher Lloyd
everybody else: ew she sucks. 

me: I like Ed Sheeran.
everybody else: who's that
me: i hate you all

earphones in: don't talk to me.
earphones out: don't talk to me. 


Am I the only one who
before falling asleep, counts how many hours of sleep I'm going to get?

Who needs a 
boyfriend when you've got witty and food?

I never believed 
 in love at first sight. Then, I saw you. ♥

Last week, we had a bullying assembly. 
Do you know what everybody did afterwards? Went around saying, "This is my plastic smile." and made

ridiculous faces, and mocked the ones who cried. What they didn't know is how I was one of the people who wore

the plastic smiles everyday, the words haunting me each and every moment. 

I have never, ever been so disappointed.

normal people home alone: throw amazing party 

         me home alone: belting out Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift 

Spraying perfume 
and then doing shimmying through it. ♥
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