Status: can someone inform me on who decided to call everyone but wittians 'peasants'
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Hello beautiful. (: Or handsome, if you happen to be a guy.

Um okay. Now I have no idea what to say, like an awkward person. My name is Claire, I was born on December 15, and I'm crazy about writing. I absolutely adore reading (nerd over here) and, as I already mentioned, writing. K, I think I have nothing else to say. :p
I know we only met, but
let's pretend it's love.
"I'm one of those girls,
That with a single scratch on my heart, I'll cry,
That with a broken heart, my soul will die,
But I'll just put on that plastic smile and walk,
In shoes that aren't mine."
You're beautiful. 

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This quote does not exist.

          i know it's over because
                         i am more in love with my memories than with - - - - - -
                                                                                               THE PERSON STANDING IN FRONT OF ME « 

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                                                       just to see if they will lie to you.

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                                                 that looks chinese but isn't.

If you go missing, how are we going to find you if you look like Beyonce on Facebook and CarrotTop in real life.

Teacher: Okay, I just need your email address.
Kid: Email?
Teacher: Yes.
Kid: My email?
Teacher: Yes, your email.
Kid: Umm.
Kid: Well.

Parents: Your room is a mess.
Me: You should see my life.

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                                                                                            and 37% done with tomorrow.

Have you ever tried going down the stairs
on all fours? Don't.