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Hey all, It's Sierra!!! Hahahaha... Ummm yea I'm a special breed of awkwardz... 20. Libra. Single. (+) music (twentyonepilots, issues, blink182, paramore, nevershoutnever, ptv) , books (John Green, HP, LOTR, THG) TV( Greys Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Sherlock ) Anime ( Kyoukai no Kanata, Gosick, Toradora, Deadman Wonderland, Bleach) (-) there are things I just can't think of any right now... Hahaha. Look forward to getting to know all of you lovelies!!! Hope you have a good day

Quotes by MuSiCpAnDa

you might not be the best for me
but i love you more than anything
so if we can start again i have to try
i never thought i would be this ready to say Goodbye
how the he// did you ever pick me?
i like you so much... but im so afraid. the last time i did this i was broken in so many ways im still picking up the pieces

i could be in the worst mood possible and you could still make me smile.


Used to call you crook, called you a bandit There ain't no other good dam.n reason why my heart, it would go missing
so many months so I was wishing that you
at you would stop pretending Remember all those countless nights
When I told you I loved you
nd to never forget it
h just forget it
My Forever and Always turned into Forever and Alone

Your voice... those words they echo in my head. tearing me apart from the inside out. i hear those 5 words every second of every day. and its so hard to keep fighting when the only thing I hear in my head is you saying "I don't love you anymore"

i feel like I'm losing everything and i just can't