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My name's Aleah.
& I'm in a nut shell

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I like talking to new people.
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Quotes by Muffin1811

It is currently three in the morning and here I sit in my kitchen with my laptop eating the oatmeal with the dinosour eggs in it.
Someone tell me a television series to watch.
Black Friday is the Huger Games of America.
I feel as if the blinking line that shows up when you type on a computer is moking me.
I never do truth is and stuff because
I fear that no one will like it
and I'll just kind of be sitting there like

               Me: Someone said you sound like an owl.
               Sister: Me?
               Me: Yeah.
               Sister: Who?
               Me: *laughing hystarically*
               Sister: *facepalm*


I spend so much time on the internet talking about fandoms and everything with everyone else in the  fandoms im apart of that when I go out into the outside world *cringe* and have something like a pizza     john shirt or doctor who shirt or idk I expect a whole bunch of people to just come up and talk about the fandom im wearing or something. And I dont know how to talk in real life because i get all insucure and awkward and it’s all a bunch of timy-wimey stuff.

               Me: *walks into IHOP*
               Me: *checks for wifi*

I freak out more when I don't have wifi
than when I step on a lego. 

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It's unique, 
And quite sad, in a way,
how you can meet someone,
and become friends with them.
Then, one day, you part
and just never talk agian.