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I love the bands: He is we, Justin Bieber,  Demi Lovatio, Evanescence. ect.

Quotes by Music2love14

Me      : I got an A in Chemistry!
Friend : WTF, well done!
Mom  : and what do you think wtf means?
Me     : Well That's Fantastic ? :*
really happened.:)
NO one understands me..
they ALL fight with me.
my friends
my mom

my dad                         
my grandma's f**cking b**ch
my best friends/ even there parents dont want me to talk to them because of what they think i did
when really THEIR kids did the bad stuff..
EVERYONE hates me.

they think its all me. and my faults. i understand that some of the time i do things wrong,
but they are always right for some reason. and im tired of letting people walk all over me.
all i get is people hating on me. They are use to
the shy passive girl, who watches people get
bulllied and does nothing about it. well....
for ONCE. i feel i've blossomed into a better version of me.(:
I've Lost EVERYONE though. Im horrified to go back to schoool.. Since they will probably
all be talking bad about me ); i need a couple witty besties. COMMENT.!
anyone else love the band he is we ?  *they inspired me, when i was going through hard times (pain), so if your looking for a source, look up there songs* ( pardon me, our july in the rain, fall, prove you wrong ect.)


Almost  everyone  favs  there  own  quotes

Just to get that one extra fav

    ♥ P.s I fav/Sub Back


"If   i   get   atleast   500  faves "

I will try out for Xfactor or next season of American Idol.


I'm Not That Type Of Girl Who Thinks A Guy's The Answer. I'm Just Tired Of Being Alone.! ♥

"you know you're in love when you

 can't fall asleep because reality is

finally better than your dreams." (:

I do care

and it does hurt me  

 EEE  Every Girl Is Beautiful.

But what about Boys? No one ever remembers them when it comes time for them to commit suicide.So shouldn't it be: 

 EveryGirl is Beautiful & Every Boy is Hansome
(comment below your hair color, race/skin, freckles or not,) (because everyone should embrase who they are)


So my quote just changed the word "beotches" to "women" guess its true....
My quote was if beotches could fly my school would be a freaking airport... and it changed the swear word to women. sooo techniquelly witty is calling women beotches
btw i used the swear word not beotch.


Sometimes  you  need  to  step  outside,  get  some  fresh  air,

and  remind  yourself  who  you  are,  and  who  you  wanna  be.

because  in  the  end  it  comes  down  to  the   individual,  not  urself  as a  group or   race.

some    people     are    j  ust  stereotypes,   fav   if  your   against    them.