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Hii I'm Andrea & I am 15 years old.(:

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I attended Justin's Believe tour on 6.24.13


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tbh... I wish I was a Demigod or a Shadow Hunter.

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Quotes by Musiclovez13

I should have known. It was all one big lie. You were bored & I was there. You needed anyone & I needed the one. I questioned it and i was right to... You could've had any girl you wanted but you chose me. I realized that guys like you dont belong with girls like me. You live in a world of laughter, friends & popularity. I live in a world of darkness, grief & broken hearts. It was too good to be true, you falling for an invisible girl like me. I should have known. 

She likehim. Hlikes her.
it's obvious to everyone, except them.


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There are 7 billion people all around the world, and the only person I want to be with is you.
I was watching our old videos, looking through our pictures... I should have told you. I shouldhave told you how I felt when I had the chance. When you were standing right in front of me, I should   have said something, anything, to let you know how I felt; but I was scared. I was scared that you would reject me, scared that I would ruin what we had. But now I'm full of regret, I'll never know if we could've worked...and its the not knowing that kills me.
If I knew that we were going to end that soon, I would have held your hand a little tighter. Kissed your lips a little longer.  Hugged you a little more often. Told you I loved a few more times... & I would have prepared myself a little bit better. 

It's okay. I understand

She's skinnier. She's funnier.
She's prettier.

Don't worry.

I wouldn't choose me either.

I just realized... You just left. No reason. No explanation. Just Gone. We haven't talked since..don't even know when, the hours turned into days, days into weeks, weeks into months. Did I do something wrong? Did I upset you? Was... Was I not good enough for you? I guess I wasn't. But I knew it. I knew you would leave me. I knew you would forget about me. But the crazy thing is...
 still wouldn't take any of it back.

The worst pain for a girl...
Is when she smiles just to keep the tears from falling, & sleeps just so she doesn't have to think about it.

-Wiz khalifa

I'd sell my soul just to see your face,
In these times, I need a saving grace,
But time is running out,
and I'm starting to lose my faith.

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Yeah saw it coming...
but it still hurt like hell.

Yeah I knew you would hurt me...
but its still hurts like hell.

Yeah I knew you would flirt with other girls...
but it still hurt like hell.

Even though I saw it coming, it still hurt like hell.