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Thello creeper. you came upon my profile so you must be a stalker or something (or you really wanted to see my profile, therefore, I LOOV U!) but umm anyways, don’t wanna bore you too much but basic things about me:
i live in the USA! New England baby!! it is my dream to go to either London, England or Fiji (or both!) also my dream to be an actress on TV (audition tomorrow!) i am not going to say how old i am because i want you to guess! I LOVE FIGURE SKATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!!! (If you don’t like them, please don’t hate just simply say that you would rather not talk about them...I can live)
I'm young, but still, I'm waiting for that perfect kiss in the rain with the perfect guy. I know it sounds cheesy, but I'm a total sucker for romance!
I love my Boyfriend, Kendall. He is sooo awesome!! Check him out, HOA47smile
WANTED: Witty best friend!!!
Talk to me! ANYTIME!!!! I am totally a talkable person...if that makes sense...
Type of Movie: Comedy
Movie: 17 Again
Type of Book: Romantic or Horror
Book: Lock and Key (Sarah Dessen)
Band: One Direction or Take That
Singer: Carrie Underwood
Song: Another Empty Bottle and A Million Love Songs
And all One Direction songs, of course
Colour: Purple
Word: Foolhardy
Animal: Don't have one (Hard to choose) Narwhal maybe?
TV Show: House of Anubis (I like the mystery)


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Do you like me again?
Yeah, But the thing is, I never stopped liking you.

Can  people  please  comment  fun  websites?
I have Witty and Facebook, but I want something else to try. I've tried tumblr, but I kind of grew away from it.



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You have to be yourself
Because everyone else is taken


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Okay, quick quote. I am not going to be posting quotes or using this witty anymore except for reading stories. For anyone that read the prologue for my One Direction fanfic, I will continue it, just on my new account which I will post on my profile. Thank you!

I don't give a pickle about this 'Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms,'
From now on it should be
"Count your followers, not the ones who block you."


.Meet a boy named Phil and his family.

On a vacation from the 22nd century
Got a rented time machine and they're on their way
On a time way way way back in the day

Now it's Phil Phil of the future
Keepn` it together just as best as he can
Phil Phil of the future
He's a 22nd century man
On a holiday through history
But the final destination was a mystery
Somethin on the machne had blown
So they ended up right here in our time zone

Now it's Phil Phil of the future
Never knew history just where he would land
Phil Phil of the future
He's a 22nd century man
Phil Phil of the future He's a 22nd century man
He's a 22nd century man

-Phil of the Future Theme song Anyone?

A girl once died. If you dont repost this, she will show up in your room at 2:12. Really.

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I was such a naive teenager. At 17 years old, I had been in 5 relationships, all of which lasted less than two weeks because I believed those three little words, those three stupid, stupid words.
I couldn't figure out why love had to be so stupid and frustrating. I stayed up at night wondering why someone wouldn't look at me and see someone different. Someone who is the real me.
I finally just gave up and, I know this sounds messed up, but actually considered marring my computer. But I didn't, thank God.
Until one day it all changed. All my feelings changed. And I knew this was right.
Hi! My name is Haylee Hanson and I'm going to tell you about the time I met my favourite and my future husband.

AN: Hey! So I'm sorry, but I'm stopping my Dare To Dream story, but I started this one and I always finish fanfics. This one probably won't be what you expect. It is a One Direction story, but it's kind of different. So I'm going to do those hint things to. So yeah. That's about it. Hope you like it!! 

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Hint: "Tell me what?" I asked. They both looked at me, obviously unaware that I was listening. 


Me to my 20 year old cousin while we are talking about boys: You know, there's a member of One Direction who is the same age as you and acts like a 10 year old just like you. His name is Louis.
Cousin: OMG!! Really?? If you ever meet him can you get his number and give it to me? OMG!! OMG!!
Me: He has a girlfriend.
Her: Shxt! I hate you!


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Were you born on the highway?

because that's where the most accidents happen.