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About me

Hey guys. I'm MustacheGotSwagg. I don't want to put my name because if someone found my account from school, I'd be uberly p/ssed. As you can tell from my quotes, I really, really... really like One Direction. I'm proud to say they've taken over my life. And I understand, some of you may not be Directioners. That's okay, no hate. I won't bag on you if you don't like One Direction or something, because I know what it's like to have a different taste in music then everyone else around you. Other types of music I listen to is alternative, classic rock, and indie. Pretty diverse, right? Well, feel free to comment on my page below, and follow me. I'd love you for like, ever.

And in that moment, I swear,
we were infinite.

Quotes by MustacheGotSwagg

niall : "Being single doesn't mean you're week, it means you're strong enough to wait for what you deserve."
me :
"No, it's just that no one wants to date me."

My thoughts at school --

me: I don't care, Harold loves me for who I am.
me: I'm hungry. 
me: You wh*re.
me: I'm gunna live on One Direction's tour bus with them. Secretly.
me: You think you know sh/t, but you don't hunny.
me: If you got girl problems then I feel bad for you son, 'cos I got 99 problems but a b/tch ain't one.

Niall: "We were at Harry's house, and he was pretending to be a whale. His mum came in and told him to, 'stop making sexual noises'."

Niall: "I'm Niall.. I'm the Irish one."
me: And this is why you're going to be my babies' daddy.
Niall: Excuse me?
I like your eye colour.

Louis: "Harry likes to pull down his trousers. You do Harry, you're always getting your bum out."
me: Why do all the good things happen when I'm not around.

Harry: "My worst habbit is getting naked all the time... sorry."
me: Lol, why are you sorry.
Niall: "If you ever spend a day with us, you'll see we're just normal lads who like to have a laugh."
me: Is that an invitation.
My thoughts at a One Direction concert -

me: That's what makes you beautiful!
me: Lol, look at Harry being a bada/s and change up the lyrics.
me: Louis! Save the public affection with Harold till after the show!
me: Is it even worth it to jump on the stage right now
me: I wonder how fast they'd carry me away
me: Niam!!
me: One Direction.
me: I love you!
me: I Want, I want, I want, but that's cray - zay !
My thoughts throughout the day --

me: Lol, she's not a Directioner.
me: I'm hungry. I wonder if Niall's hungry. He probably is.
me: Hi, we're One Direction!
me: I wonder if my english teacher likes One Direction
me: I Should've, I Should've oh, I Should've Kissed You!
me: I ship Zirror.
me: One Direction.
me: I swear, if you sing the chorus one more time to that song...
me: I wonder how Harold's former bandmates are doing. 

me: I wonder what One Direction's doing right now. 
Stupid me. They're breathing.