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Quotes by MxCxL

true story ♥


boy: i have a very important question  to ask you..
girl: what is itt?=]
boy: do you  think it was a bad idea to eat a  big mac and  drink a  full glass of chocolate milk at the same time?

girl: yeaaahh...................
boy: hehe okayy:) but i gots another question for you thats not as important...
girl: go for it..
boy: do you wanna go out with me?

: im on a diet=]
: what kind of diet?
: a see food diet=p
: like shrimp and stuff?
: no sillyyyy, anything i see, i eat

& ami theonlyone

who thinks a lot should be one word?

Did you ever look at old pictures of yourself and think wow,why i was so stupid..?

I wonder if im the only one..

who picks out all the cookie dough in my ice cream(:
That awkward moment when:

your refrigerator is running so fast that you cant catch it..

That lol moment when..
 your in your bed 99.9% asleep but then you have to pee..

look past the smile and the make-up.
do you see the pain of a break-up?
do you see the hole in her heart?
because it wasn't even whole to start.


never mind what haters say.

ignore them till they fade