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Welcome to my daily diary. This page will basically be where I can vent or just talk about my day and see if anyone can relate. You're going to be learning a lot about me, but to start, here are the basics (made from a "get to know me" thing I saw on facebook):
Name: Alice J.
Height: 5'3
Relationship status: Single
Close Friends: AJ, Emma
Current Crush: I don't even know at this point. The person I thought I liked turned out to be a d!ck...
Favorite Food: Funnel Cake
Favorite Movie: Warm Bodies
Favorite TV Show: Bates Motel
Favorite Singer: Bruno Mars
Favorite Color: Purple

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MyDailyDiary 7 years ago on quote #6724431
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:( at least we aren't alone
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MyDailyDiary 7 years ago on quote #6724431
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Awh thank you
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