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I love her so much,

But I know she will never love me back.
It is my birthday today!!!!
So, on the last three and a half days of school, they had a talent show at my school. I was up there, doing my thang, singing A Team the best I could. My parent's were the only parents there, by the way. And I'm shaking so bad, I was surprised the school wasn't vibrating as well. When the song was over, it took me twenty four minutes to calm down and stop shaking. But I knew I did a good job, I looked and felt beautiful and confident. I was happy, too, because that was the first time my parents had heard me sing by myself and do the whole song. When the talent show was over, I didn't get to see them before they left, but when I got home I found out I was in the right program for high school, one that I wanted to be in, and that my mom had been so proud of me she cried. I made my mom cry. Not because of me being the idiot failure I am, but because I finally did something right!
I was texting my senior friend (She'll be a senior in high school this year and I'll be a freshman!) and we were talking about the party she invited me to.

Me: So excited for Saturday! XD

Her: Yep.

Me: Wait, is Gavin* gonna be there? Are you friends with him?

Her: Maybe, and yeah. Why?

Me: I asked him out really weirdly, I ran down the hall screaming after I got his number, and we only talked once. I think it would be awkward seeing him.

Her: Oh, well he doesn't have to come.

Me: Don't do that! It's your party, I feel bad about making you uninvite him for me because of a stupid reason.

Her: It's not stupid, and it wasn't even a for sure thing that he was coming. And....He KINDA has a girlfriend now....

Me: I'm so bad with guys. BLERG.

Her: Don't worry! You're in the big boy school now! ;D


*Gavin is a guy I asked out. He is so freaking hot, but we only talked once, never really worked out. Whatevs. I'm trying to get back together with my ex girlfriend.
"They're trying to trap me.

They hate me.

I'm sure I won't forget my own name."

"All beautiful things are fake.

Beauty is there to hide something."

Hearing a reference to a movie character's voice and realizing you know the celebrity.

That's me.
Idk, guys. I'm kinda done with Witty. It's just too freakin' boring. I've seen it all. I'm more for Quotev now!

See ya, my beautiful pigeons!