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Quotes by MySecretReality

Most hated font on the internet
there are those who write funny quotes,
and then there are those who write funny tags
All these paper people in their paper towns,
burning their futures to stay warm.
-Margo Roth Spigelman
If every time you deleted a pic or message from your phone it was sent to the government. How screwed are you?
     There was a boy I loved when I was six
     His mother told him he was very sick

          There was a boy I loved when I was seven
           he cried when his dog went to heaven

               There was a boy I loved when I was eight
               he broke his leg falling off the front gate
                    There was a boy I loved when I was nine
                    everytime I passed him he started to cry
                         There was a boy I loved when I was ten
                        He slit both his writs and now he is dead

*I found this in my notebook from when I was like twelve, wow I was a depressing kid*
A picture can equal a thousand words
but the right thousand words can create an infinity~
we are the kids our parents warned us about ♥ 
If people were rain, I was a drizzle and she was a hurricane
-Looking for Alaska
HARRY POTTER [x] Your hair is dark and can be messy. [] You wear glasses. [x] You have a weird looking scar. [] You are brave. [] You have green eyes. [] You like playing a particular sport. Total: 2     RON WEASLEY [] You have red hair. [x] You are very loyal to your friends. [] You are deathly afraid of spiders. [x] You are sarcastic. [x] You don’t have a lot of money. [] You have older siblings. Total: 3     HERMIONE GRANGER [x] You are bossy. [] You are intelligent. [x] Your hair is wavy or curly. [x] You have a cat. [] You usually know how to handle tricky situations. [x] You get made fun of a lot. [x] You can’t draw Total: 5     RUBEUS HAGRID [] You are tall. [] You are very friendly and soft hearted. [] You love animals. [] You are very helpful. [] You give in easily. [] You are very loyal. Total: 0     LUNA LOVEGOOD [x] You are weird and proud of it. [] You don’t have loads of friends. [] You are a bit ditzy. [x] You are open minded. [] You are quite spiritual. [] You believe in things most people wouldn't. Total: 2     DRACO MALFOY [x] You are manipulative. [x] You can be very mean when you want to be. [] You are a snob. [x] You can get jealous. [] You have blonde hair. [x] You enjoy pranks. As long as they don’t hurt anyone. Total: 4     NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM [x] You are close to your grandparents. [x] You are plump. [] You are easily frightened. [] You get nervous easily. [] You like frogs and toads. [x] You are geeky. Total: 3
Wendy we can get away
I promise if you’re with me,
say the word and we’ll find a way
I can be your lost boy, your last chance
Your "everything better" plan
Oh, somewhere in Neverland