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Quotes by MySecretWonderland

Who the hell thought of earings?!

"So..uh yeah let me just shove a needle through your ear, and know tell me if it hurts"
Cause even after 3 text messages
4 missed calls,
you still slept with my best friend.

sweet serial killer,
I love you
just a little too much.
I'm gonna love you,
like I've never been broken
I'm can say it,
like it's never been spoken
Tonight, Tonight,
I'm letting go.
"I like random intercoarse."

~A lovely quote by my friend.
Tell me,
I'm your
 National Anthem.
"Summers in the air. Baby, heavens in your eyes."
~ Lana Del Rey
National Anthem
I hate when I'm taking a shower,
and my family walks in
and tries to strike up a convorsation.