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4 years and 4 months later......
This is a part of my past and I will leave it here to stay.
I love you all and thank you making this an incredible experience.

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Quotes by MySweetEscape

   So yesterday I was with him
     and he had to leave for football for the friday
       night game and he asked me to walk with him
       to the school, so I did. When he had to leave
       he kissed me. Then was I was about to leave
        he spun me around and pulled me back in. ♥


boys don't come running back
to you in the middle of the night,
grab your arm and kiss you when
you're walking away, or throw
rocks at your window and sneak
through your window just to talk.
No, they leave and never say another word to you.



                        When the person you care the most about stops talking to you.
No explanation or reason to why they stopped either. 


I believieverythinuntiitdisproved.
                    So believe in fairies, the myths, and dragons.  It all exists
               even if it's just in your head. Who's to say that dreams
               and nightmares aren't as real as here and now?
-John Lenon



I don't want
random text messages saying 
"I miss you."
I want that call saying, 
"Come outside, I'm
waiting for you."

Shoot for the moon.
Even if you miss 
you'll land among the   stars. ♥ nmf



I  didn't  change.
I'm still the same girl who sits around
laughing at dumb things and walks with the biggest
smile on her face. You're just mad that I gave up on
your bulIshit and don't give a damn anymore. You're
just mad I don't sit at home on a friday night anymore
wondering what you're doing and who you're with.
You're just mad that I finally moved on.


It's hard to comprehend that it's really over.
Ten years, seven books, and eight movies
that changed millions of lives all over the
world. It has been such a huge part of my
childhood. It hurts to know there won't be
another word published or a scene tape. I
know that the story and the legacy created
will live in our hearts forever. I want to thank
J.K Rowling for creating the best childhood
I've ever got to witness. I truly feel bad for the
people who never really got to enter the
world like we did. I will miss the train ride in
and the pranks pulled by the twins. But just
remember. Hogwarts will always be there
to welcome you home wether it's from
the books or on the screen. "Always."

It may be just a story, but
to us it is so much than that.

long live the harry potter generation.

Me: I feel like crying.
Depression: Do it. Nobody likes you.
Me: I have friends.
Depression: No you don't, they only keep you around because they feel sorry for you.
Me: You're right.
Depression: You know what you need to do, right?
Me: Get the blades?
Depression: Get the blades.

I knoyou'vbeehurt,
ut so have I. I  still am.

                                           -Pretty little liars.