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Hey guys :3 My name is Nadia :) I am 14 years young and in grade 10. I blow out my candles on December 17th. I am a very shy and quite person, well, only until you get to know me. My life has had its ups and downs, especially these past four years. I deal with anxiety, depression, anorexica and self harm. Witty use to be my life but I stopped using it for a while but im back now! :)

Quotes by NAC

Dont you dare tell me im beautiful
Until youve seen my scars
That carves my body
And the blood
That pours out of my soul
Dont you dare tell me im lovely
Until I completely shut you out
Because I swore to myself
Youre just like the rest
And youll get sick of me
Dont you dare tell me im flawless 
Until youve seen me break down in tears
Ill show you the darkness
That consumes me
And youll run away
But if youve seen my scars
And darkness
Then perhaps
Ill believe you
You bite your nails
He clicks his pen
I smoke cigarettes
We all die in the end
You bite your nails
He clicks his pen
I smoke cigarettes
We all die in the end
At the end of the day, all thats left is the cuts on my arms and the bruises on my body
3 years of cutting
4 months of not
broken by a shiny blade
broken by a gash of blood
A weapon in my hand, this was not according to my plan.
She crys and eats her pain away.

She looks in the mirror and shes


She gets on her knees and the 

perfect porcelain 

gives her the slightest glimmer of


She lives a life of a bulimic girl.
So what
Ive torn my skin
Ive tried to kill myself
Ive scratched
Ive abused myself
Ive hit the wall until my hand was bleeding red
Ive starved myself
Ive forced myself to throw up
Ive been called names
Ive been bullied
Ive done things I wasnt ready for
Ive been in fights
Ive lost best friends and people who were important to me
Ive been heart broken
Ive cried myself to sleep
Ive made wishes that will never come true
Ive cried and screamed and sometimes, couldnt calm down
Ive gone through so much more than this 
More than words could say
But im strong
I can handle this

My secrets #12
Im a sucker for green eyes <3
Yes I still love you and yes I always will, yes I still care for you but I realized how much time ive wasted. Im not interested anymore and im after another guy. He loves me. He makes me feel beautiful. And hes saving me, from myself. Three things you could never do. And now im gone. Away from you, but dont come crawling back, like you always use to. Cause I dont need you anymore.