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kush got the room smelling like teen spirit.

do you love this shit? are you high right now? do you ever get nervous?
Natalie. freshman @ dgs. chicago is the place to be. you would probaby never guess I'm an AP class honor roll student and am so much more intelligent than most people assume. smart kids that smoke weed, honor roll! my friends and family are my life. I've been through quite a lot, more than most of you would know. I'm not really on witty anymore I'm kind of busy. i have a tumblr if ya want to follow!


Quotes by NATALiEx

of  all  the  things
you never explained,

you know this is your biggest mistake. 
not  my format


They   didn't   agree   on   much .
in fact they rarely agreed on anything, they fought all the time and they
challenged each other everyday. But in spite of their differenced they had
one important thing in common, they were crazy about each other.


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nothing worthwhile is ever easy

"Just when you think it can't get any worse, it can.
       and just when      you think it can't     get any better,  
it can."
-- nicholas sparks


*so we fight through the hurt, and we cry and cry and cry and cry.
then we live & we learn, and we try and try and try and try.

so it's up to you & it's up to me that we meet in the middle
on our way back down to earth.


don't thinyorealize,

how hard it is to be completely in love with a boy
who's father committed suicide just over 3 months ago.
knowing there is not one thing that you can do or say
to make him believe it wasn't his fault, or that it's not
true his father didn't love him enough to stay. it's hard for
him to be in a committed relationship because his father
is ALWAYS on his mind. he tries but it's too much to handle.
then you're left, a little hurt pushed off to the side; but you
know it's nothing you did.. and you can't be mad because
think about what he's going through. nobody will ever
understand his pain. and here I am, caring for him more
than anyone else in my life. really feeling just as much
pain for him with my heart-

ouon my sleeve.


you lost the love
I loved the most.

to ever fall back in your arms


I know I can't take one mOre step©
                                   towards you- cause all that's waiting is regret.


woke up late today.
  still feel the sting of the pain, brushed my teeth anyway.
I got dressed through the mess & put a
 smile on my face.
I got a little bit stronger.