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the name is christina. I'll edit this later.

my brother. idk what i'd do without him (:

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Quotes by NYJKM6

That Mini Heart Attack #3
when you lean back your chair a little too far.




That Mini Heart Attack #2
 when you skip a step on the stairs on the way down.


 That Mini Heart Attack
 when you don't feel your phone in your pocket.

should I do a series?  


 if you love one direction.
Comment if you don't.

just looking for the ratio
of one directioners to
    the people who dislike them.   

 Remember When
 'High School Musical', 'Cheetah Girls', 'Jonas Brothers', and 'Camp Rock' were all popular?

 "I never said she stole my money."
That sentence has 7 different meanings depending on which word is emphasized.

Girl: I love you.
Boy: I love you too.
Girl: Really? Prove it, scream it to the world.
Boy: *whispers in ear* I love you.
Girl: Why did you say it to me?
Boy: Because you are my world. ♥


Be Strong Now
because things will get better.
it may storm now, but it can't rain forever.♥


How do five hot guys walk?
In One Direction

I love my six pack so much
I protect it with a layer of fat.

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