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the name is christina. I'll edit this later.

my brother. idk what i'd do without him (:

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NYJKM6's Favorite Quotes

Boys take off their shirts so weird. Like, they grab the shirt from the back of
their neck and yank it over their head. That is so sexual. Like, I don't even know how you do it, boys.

If you've ever...

Got your period while wearing white pants,

let us cry together.
Sneezed while you put on mascara,
let us cry together.
Spent 30 minutes on a math problem and found out you copied it down wrong,
let us cry together.
Thought up on ways to start a conversation with your crush and then have them log out right when you start typing,
let us cry together.
Gotten your period on your birthday,
let us cry together.

Not recieved your acceptance letter to Hogwarts,
let us cry together.
Had someone go through and like all of your sixth grade photos,
let us cry together.

Had to pee while tons of people are talking outside your stall,
let us cry together.

I've won;

Last chemotherapy treatment on 5/28/2013

Now, on with living my life.

                                      if you think about it, balloons are really weird
                                     "happy birthday, here's a plastic sack of my breath"

Me watching Up at school:
Me: Aww there's that cute little girl that becomes his wife
Me: Aw now she's a teenager
Me: Now they're married, that was fast
Me: Woah now they're really old. They're so cute together though
Me: Aw that was cute how he bought her a plane ticket to Paradise Falls
Me: Omg there's the part where she falls... and dies... at the hospital..
Me: Don't cry don't cry i'm not crying don't cry
Me: I've already seen this movie 1,000 times DON'T CRY NOT HERE


cute boy: what time is it?
me: thursday.
him: ...
me: ..nailed it.


Last Friday
I was sitting in a school chair during a test and it was really quiet and then suddenly I farted by accident and the plastic chair echoed my fart and made it like 10 times louder and people all looked at me and they laughed at me but then suddenly my best friend who sat a couple chairs down from me said to the class, "Whoops, didn't see that one coming lol!"

This is a true friend.
This quote does not exist.

"I'm not good enough."
Do you ever just sit in your room, alone,
and repeat that to yourself?
Holding your head in your hands,
tears, streaming down your face.
Feeling like no guy will ever love you.
Feeling like you'll never be perfect.
Feeling like you'll never impress anyone.
well, you're wrong. because honestly,
people look up to you everyday.
you just don't realize it.
because you feel like its impossible, 
for someone to ever want to take your place..
I know the feeling.


imagine an entire room and it's all bed.
no floor, just bed.
you roll too far to one side?
don't worry, bed's still there.
all is bed.