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Ahoy There Jolly Merman!
Hi, my name is Anna, but my friends all call me Alan/Nana Alan/ Nalan, hence the screen name being Nalan.
I like animals, especially Lions, Zebras, Dogs and Narwhals. I like Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran, Biffy Clyro, Mumford and Sons, Noah and the Whale, and Pegasus Bridge (thanks to Esther, Emily and Andrew :))

Oh, and I LOVE The Beatles (Who Doesn't?!)
Image and video hosting by TinyPicAnd Fleetwood Mac. 'Coz I'm cool. This list could go on for a while...
Oh, and I love YOU, my crazy little gherkin....
Harry Potter, The Hunger Games (the books, not the games XD) and Percy Jackson are like adfghgjvhtsaj awesome <3

Quotes by Nalan

If you look up at the sky on a clear night, you can see thousands of stars, all at once.
And those stars are a tiny fraction of the Universe, because, actually, humans can only account for 4% of it.
And it is constantly expanding, and acelerating as it does so.
And because it is constantly expanding, that makes you infinitely small.
It really should be scary. Absolutely terrifying. Humans have a habit of being afraid of the unknown.
But this is different. It's not scary at all. In fact, it is, more often than not, incredibly comforting.
Even the internet doesn't know how very very small the earth is in relation to the Universe.
It is estimated to contain at least 300 sextillion stars.

So, in all of that, the chances of it not being okay in the end, are smaller than you can ever imagine.


The Awkward

Moment When
 You type 'hotmaid' into Google instead of 'Hotmail'


Love, it will
not betray you,
dismay or
enslave you;
it will set you free

 I'm gonna freeze mentos in icecubes,
and make
time bomb fizzy drinks...

Even at the end of

Year 9,

When someone gets called from a lesson to go and see another teacher,
the whole class goes; "Oooooooooooh"

Ballads written by rock bands always turn out to be the best ones...
Summer 2012:

Most People: Wahoo! Bikinis! Tan Lines! The Beach!

Me: I have an almost permanent water line just below the knee on my jeans where my wellies stop. -.-
Person: "Josh Hutcherson isn't fit..."

Me: Should've gone to specsavers...