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IFindYouExtremelyAttractive*'s Favorite Quotes

when all is crashing down upon you
and you stand at the wake of devastation
on the edge of your next breakdown
I'll sing you a lullaby
soft and sound you'll sleep
and dream of surreal things 
like flowers of bubbles and purple sky
the shy smile and that happy glint in your eyes
I love you
Momma, Momma don't cry 
It's just the times
I'll be alright
Tell dad to get the belt tonight

Whip, whip
goes the cackling knife
saying he won the fight
fought over many nights

It's just one big strife
a struggle to open heavy eyes
never again to see the sky
How many stars to start a life?

But this life of mine
is not right or in anyway divine
it will only end in spite
small sparks lead to flames of wild fires ignite

And I will stand tall through tonight despite
the pain in my body trying to take flight
and leave the world hoping to fly
the the dark, clouded, cold night sky

i am a trap
i am a monster
i am a horrible being
save yourself from my tightening grip
save yourself from me
run and fight while you still can
because I am a monster
you're all you have left

I gotta' dig bick.

You that read wrong.

That awkward when you read that wrong too.

And said "moment" after awkward.

That's awkward.

Some people should use a
glue stick instead of

This quote does not exist.
I'm going to raise my non-existent glass to the people staying at home for New Years.
They judge me before they even know me.
That's why I'm better off alone.