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This isnt the first time Louis is on his knees for Harry.





Dat ass.

Quotes by Nannon

Interviewer: I've never seen friends

Liam: *gasp* get out of this room!
Selena at a Justin Bieber concert:                                      Selena at an one Direction concert:

               (-.-)                                      \(lol)\      /(lol)/

I'm watching you selena..
Facebook is getting more and more like MySpace with every update.

Rhiannon Lockhart is in a relationship with Niall Horan
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You jelly?

Teacher: Warm up test
Me: *not paying attention*
Teacher: Rhiannon, what comes after 69?
Me: Mouth wash?
Class *laughs*
Teacher: GET OUT!
Me: That's what she said.

                                                   Woah, guys. Calm down!
5 boys, 10 sexy eyes, 9 kidneys and 12 nipples.

Who are they you ask..?
One day I will have 5 beautiful children and not one of them will have the same father... ;)
One Direction♥
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