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hiii witty! so in the pic above im the one on the right!
so i am obbessed with the phillies, eagles, flyers, etc
so im a sports freak.
umm. OH follow mustachedbunny :) so yeah

"Ohana means family, and family means that no one is left behind or forgotten"
"Just keep Swimming"

Quotes by Nat5553

we all know what one of the biggest shocks of our childhood was....

when we found out that logan and quinn were going out on zoey 101!
you talk.
your great friends.
people always mess with you and her/him saying the two of you should go out
you deny
always deny
but inside
you know you want to
he/she just doesn't know it yet
you want to tell them
so badly
but you can't
there's always another person in the way

awe. thats cute
at least you have someone
im stuck in my room
eating ice cream
that moment when you see a little red square with a one in it
you smile and happily bring your mouse over to click it
the computer loads... your excitment level goes up.
it opens and you realize
its you. you favored your own quote.
so i am waiting for the day when i actually look at a sign or a billboard and say
"oh that's an hyperbole, and that's an alliteration!"
or when i see a math problem that I have to figure out that looks like this
school needs to teach me real lessons like
how to get food when I'm lying in bed and can't reach it
That moment you have walking to your locker feeling awesome because you're about to go to lunch....

You say hi to your friends and maybe your crush...

But then...

All of a sudden....

It hits you....

And what do you ask hits you....

Im sure you're thinking of it right now....

Thats right....

A DOOR!  Right in the face....

That defeats the purpose of my awesome walk down the hallway....
Kanye west walks into the dome, turns off the power and says: Hey Baltimore! im sorry but BEYONCE HAD THE GREATEST PERFORMACE OF ALL TIME!!!!!
On December 21st, 2012
Nasa had reported a gigantic thing that will change mankind forever!

This thing NASA calls will blow everyones minds....

Thats right you guessed it!!!!

Its called night!

Now isnt that AMAZING!?!?!
Imagine this for a second.....
Witty being only allowed to be used by......


What bad things would they say about you.........?

Question: Why pay for a gym membership when you can buy food for less???

Who else wishes when they ate an Subway sandwhich their voice would sound like it does on the commerical!?