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I got a new witty.
Ann, it is:

It's gonna be wicked.

Quotes by NatWolfflove88

It  had   been   one  week
s i n c e      o u r       b r e a k      u  p 
What   a   re-bound  you  had
Considering    you     told   me   you'd
n            e           v           e           r
get over me.    Saying you were going
o     l   f
without  m e .   Y e a h  ,   y o u  l i e d.
N o    t h e r e    y o u     a r e
about to ask her  out. And  what  does
s     h     e       s     a     y  .   .   .   ?
'  W  e  l  l      o b v i o u s l y     y e s . '

vent. all mine*
   The word 'forever'  
   I  t     s  c  a  r  e  s     m  e     g  r  e  a  t  l  y  .
   I   know   people  say ' We're   gonna   last
   f          o          r          e          v          e          r      '

  I  '  m   x  p r e t t y  x   s u r e  x  f o r e v e r '
  W a s    a    l o t    l o n g e r    y e s t e r d a y

all mine*

// BARNEY. //
 A purple dinosaur character that stars in
intellellectually insulting show by the same
name. Barney the Dinosaur is the perfect
torture device for use in extracting information
from terrorists. One way to kill Barney
is to tell Michael Jackson that there is
a little boy inside that dinosaur costume.

* *

.:. And so there we were .:.
J u s t w a l k i n g


;I looked at him and said;
"You're not leaving, without kissing me."

;And he said;
"Ew! Why would I kiss you?"
And scrunched his nose.

I  t h e n  w a l k e d  i n  f r o n t  o f  h i m ,  f e e l i n g  d e f e a t e d .

And his hands wrapped around my waist.
I turned my head; to ask what he was doing.
.:. Before I even took a breath .:.
H i s  l i p s  m e t  m i n e .

;He then said;
"Did that prove I love you?"

;And I responded;
.:. "I love you too." .:.

*True story.
No jocking(:*

M y   B o y f r i e n d  }
And one of his friends asked "Who's | your | girlfriend?"
 (_.·´¯`·♥» He replied, "that girl" Pointing to a quiet girl near a locker.
"She seems quiet" his friends said, surprised.
H e    l a u g h e d  
Screaming WEE WOO!"

That girl was me!

all minee no jocking!

shouldn't have a past tense.
It's either you love something,
or you never did.

Pick one.

*mine; vent.*


someone has a big
but a little tiny

Will and Grace<3
No Jocking!!!
My quote<3
Said this to Rob. Lmfao.