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You're my object of affecion
my drug of choice, my sick obsession
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My names NatalieMarie.<3
Im 13 hyears young, blow the candles out November2.
Im going into 8th grade..& im very inscure.
Honestly, If i didnt have music id be dead.. Music gets me through so much. 
I've loved the same guy for 6 years straight.. Im just surprised you dont know yet.
Im Obsessed with food.<3 (makes me seem fat) Ohhhh well ! <3
7th grade was hell for me.. I liked this guy Christian the whole year.. then on February 24, we started to go out.. Then things happened. We fought broke up and i jusr couldnt deal with all the lies. So on June 10th we broke up.. alomst 5 months.<3 Boy did i like him ; But its whatever.
-My family is amazing! My parents have bben together for 20 years and still going strong.<3 * I have 3 Sisters ,Kaitlyn(2 years old) Erin (10 years old) & Krista(11 years old) * imma be honest.. they annoy the $h!t outta me but i love them. I wouldnt be the same if i didnt have them.. I never wanna loose my family.
* I love them to the death of me<3.*


Quotes by Nataliee1102

I know your mad at me for a reason I'm unaware of right now but that doesn't mean I don't care. These past couple days have been really crazy. I dot feel like its fair that your taking it out on me. I try my hardest to be there for you but every time I try to help I get "I'm fine" or "it's nothing" ... And that makes me feel like I'm not good enough for you to tell me and that I can't be a good friend. You
Mean alot to me and I wouldn't give up our friendship for anything. I wish you only knew how much I try to be the nicest person I can be around you, and I know that I push the limit sometimes, but that's just how I am and I wish I could change that.. You make me feel like a whole different person when I'm wit you and I dont wanna loose that. Saying your done with trying and that your done with everything seems like to me you give up and I dont want that... All I want is you

--- this is what you said to me that made me fall, guess you didnt mean a word you said. ^
#Left me hear to die.
im tired of being what you want me to be..

...Im just gonna drop off the face of the earth, just to take your life better.. Just so you can be happy..
Well, i know you obviously don't care but i just wanna let you know, your the only thing i think about every second of the day & i never wanted to loose you..
All I wanted was you, & thats still all i want.  But in reality, i only have you in my dreams.
Finally found a guy who treats me like a
* Princess*

Yes, im jealous. im Jealous because she has your heart, & i know i never will

My heart cant possibly break, when it wasnt even whole to start with..

I asked if i was pretty, you said no.
i asked if i was fat, you said yes of course,
I asked if you wanted to be w/ me forever you said no ,
I asked if you would cry if I walked away, you said no.
* i heard too much, & needed to leavbe & as i walked away...
you grabbed my arm & told me to stay.*
-You said.. -
Your not pretty, your beautiful..
The only thing big or fat about you is your heart.,
I dont want to be w/ you forever, i need to be w/ you forever.
& baby, i wouldnt cry if you walked away.. i would die.