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I love to sing, dance, draw and be a 16 year old teenager. I am very passionate about theatre and simply love acting. I listen to all kinds of music. I'm a huge HUGE fan of One Direction. Love them. My life consists of: Paramore Jonas Brothers Selena Gomez Katy Perry Ed Sheeran Queen Bee Gees George Michael Lady Gaga Camila Big Time Rush Adam Lambert Carly Rae Jepsen Black Eyed Peas And sooooo many more. Wanna know anything else? Feel free to ask!

Quotes by Nathalie4ever

Is it wrong that I still miss HIM?
It's been over 9 months and my hearts still hurts.
He left without saying why,
And when he did call me after 7 months or so,
He didn't tell me the truth.
He gave me the most bogus excuse ever.


I wonder if I will ever get over this empty feeling in my chest.
Realizing I'm not too strong
Asking myself where did it all go wrong
Wishing it wasn't over
Or that we can start all over

I knew I had to see
You were different from me
Should I find someone new
And try to forget you

My mind says move on
But my heart says he's not gone.
I don't kno if you are safe or happy.
I want to get over you but can't.
I know I deserve better,
But do I want to let go?

No, I actually don't.
I tell myself over and over again,
"You will get passed this."
Biggest lie ever
I probably will.

Are you where I think you are,
Or are you walking around happy as ever.
Not thinking about me,
Doing the things you do.
From sadness to joy,
my heart is like a colorful toy.
I no longer have a gapping hole,
and my life isn't so dull.
Yes, it is because of you,
that one little gesture set my heart anew.
I'm not completely healed,
but my heart will soon be sealed.

However, is it wrong that I'm forgetting,
all those beautiful memories.
But I have to move on,
I know you would want me to.
I hope you are safe and sound,
and that we might see each other again.
If not it's what God wanted,
Thank you for everything.
So goodbye. Til next time.
I hope.
So...... Im at play practice and there's this guy I have had a crush on him for like a year. And he approaches me and gives me a hug and his best friend cones too and we all start having a conversation. Then when I'm about to leave, he gives another hug! AHHHHHHH!!!
Who else is HEART-BROKEN

for Valentine's Day?

All the other years I'm ok but YOU aren't here and what's worse is that I don't even know if you are safe and free from danger.

I hope you aren't where I think you are.

I wonder if Steve is Crazy Steve from Drake & Josh?!
Drake & Josh

Drake: Shes too young to be havin' a boyfriend.
Josh: Shes just a wee lass!
Drake: Weeeee!

Drake & Josh

(Megan and Cory are about to kiss)
Drake: Mind if I get some of yar popcarn there laddie?!
Josh: Yes it's low on carbs!
Drake & Josh

(Corey finds Drake and Josh spying on him)
Josh: What 'are ye lokkin' at?!
Drake: Mind ye'r pipers!!!