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"Never forget a person with a famous quote." - Some guy


My friends think I'm judgemental.

But what do they know, they're so ugly!


You had me at hello...oh you weren't talking to me.


Apparently if a bird poops on you it means good luck.

But it stained my best shirt!

"If someone breaks your heart, just punch them. Seriously, just punch them in the face and go get some ice cream." -Wiz Khalifa. 

There's 2 things I hate about myself:

1) My memory
2) My memory

Africans are now joining in on the ice bucket challenge by pouring buckets of air over each other.

In my spare time I like to balance popcorn on my bum cheeks.

Does that make me weird?

Cancer may have beaten you granma, but we all know how strong&amazing you really are; we'll all miss you so much and we won't ever forget you! I can promise you that all us grandchildren will take care of each other; and we will make you proud. You've taught us to be strong for our parents and that's what were going to do; you deserve so much my beautiful granma, and now you finally get your peace in heaven along with your family- you belong in Paradise my beautiful. No birthdays, christmas &any other occasion will ever be the same,you're jokes/sayings/kind talk will be missed:'( who am I meant to go to now if me and my mum argue:'( I always used to run to you so you could shout at her lmao:') but we promise to live of your memories and your words;you're going to be missed so much words can't explain! But its you're time, you're our shooting star and were glad you're no longer in pain:'(</3 12/7/1950- 23/5/13♥
I'm training to join race for life next year to raise money for people who have cancer. 
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