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Louis: 4 sisters
Zayn: 3 sisters
Liam: 2 sisters
Harry: 1 sister
Niall: a brother
Louis: right handed
Zayn: right handed
Liam: right handed
Harry: right handed
Niall: left handed
Louis: British
Zayn: British
Liam: British
Harry: British
Niall: Irish
Cause Niall's a special snowflake.

Niall: I like girls with brown eyes

Liam: I like girls with blue eyes

Harry: I like  girls  with  two  eyes



You had me at "Hello"
and lost me at "I don't like the Hunger Games"

format credit to: cheeseylovesongs

Me: types in search bar "w-"
computer suggests ""

                               you know me so well.

*Police catches woman speeding*
Officer: Sorry ma'am but you were speeding
Woman: Oh sorry
Officer: Can I see you're license ma'am
Woman:I'd show you it,but I don't have one
Woman: Lost it 4 times for different reasons
Officer: I see... Can I have your registration papers please
Woman: I can't do that
Officer: Why not ma'am
Woman: I stole this car
Officer:Stole it?
Woman: Yeah and I killed  the owner,he's in the trunk.
*The officer calls back-up*
Officer 2: Ma'am step out of your vehicle
*Woman steps out*
Officer 2: My fellow officer said you stole this car and mudered the owner.
Woman: What?
Officer2: Open the trunk ma'am
*women opens trunk and it's empty*
Officer2: Is this your car
Woman: Yes here are the papers*gives papers*
Officer 2: Oh... Do you have a license ma'am
*women gives license from her bag*
Officer 2 : The officer said you stole this car and mudered the owner and you didn't have a license
Woman: God! I bet he said I was speeding too!
I was laughing so much when I saw this

I really want to get a
Witty ProfilesT-shirt,

but then my family and friends would find out
wha  t       I'  'v e       been      d  o   i  n g       o n      t  he      c o m  p u  t e  r 



And even when
your hope is
Move along
Move along

*Just to go make it through*


forgeterr's signature format. Please don't remove credit. Or I will hunt you down. You do NOT want to get on my bad side.
Fav if
You have ever cut yourself

You feel worthless

You feel ugly

You feel like no one cares if you just died

You hate yourself

You think you're ugly

You have ever attempted suicide

You have depression 

You're anorexic 

You're overweight

You feel like you're alone

Now look at the favs and see YOU'RE NOT ALONE

Everyone who faved this just remember 



me: todays gunna be a good day! :)
alarm clock: sorry, i dont feel like going off today.
stomach: you are gunna be SO hungry today, just you wait. 
crush: lol you don't exist.

teachers: wait, here's a bunch of homework you can't understand.
girls at school: and we've decided to be extra annoying and b*tchy today too.
weight: just so you know, i'm going up. 

ovaries: hope you have pads in your locker.  
face: and did we mention you're breaking out?
me: -_-

my quote.nmf. 

                you would be Optimus fine;)