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Hi. My name is Aylin.
(It's pronounced just like Eileen.)
I guess you could say I'm pretty weird.
I'm currently in middle school. 
I spend most of my free time on Facebook, 
Twitter, and obviously Witty!
^You can see I really have no life.^ 
My best friends and I have incredibly 
dirty minds for our age. 
A few of them are likeaboss54 
and RemainsOfTheB.
^You should follow them.^
If you need to talk or vent or anything,
even if it sounds stupid, I'm here. 
Don't worry, I won't judge you. 
I understand much more than you think I do
So don't be a stranger. I would love
to get to know you better. And I think that's 
all I have to say sooo....
Likes:                                                                Dislikes:                                                      
Food                                                                  Screamo                                                       
One Direction                                                    Early mornings
Going to the movies                                                Brown                                                                           Like? c: Please?
30 Seconds To Mars                                             Watermelon              
Having deep conversations                                        Spiders      
Taylor Swift                                                         Mondays                                                    Facebook:
Reading                                                          Really hot weather
Writing                                                   Getting ready on a short notice                                    Twitter:
Simple Plan                                                         Being late                             
Winter                                                              Slow Internet _                      
Demi Lovato                                                           YOLO
Evanescence                                                  Useless FB status updates
Converse                                                              Mayonnaise
Mountain Dew                                                       Alarm clocks
Rain                                                                   Green Beans        

Quotes by NerdChick0108

I hate myself.
I'm not saying it for attention like most people do. 
I honestly hate everything about me.
Why, you ask?
Because there's absolutely nothing to love.


with you,

it's different  

*SInging along to Perfect by Pink*

Me: Made a wrong turn.... 

Brother: And then I crashed....

Me: ...

Brother: ...



Me: *Curses in front of my brother*

Brother: *looks at me* 

Me: *passes hand over his face* You didn't hear anything...  

Brother: What? 

Me: Exactly. 

True Story.  



When  your  best  friend ,
calls  someone  else  their  best  friend.......



In  the  US  the  typical  school  year  is  180  days.
In  China  it's  251  days. 
Well  that  explains  everything......


Steve, of blues clues, interrupted 

his date with a playboy model, to 

crash a little kid's Blues Clues 

birthday party.










^This guy deserves an award.^ 


Plot Twist: I'm actually pretty. 

Real eyes, 

   » Realize