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Quotes by Nerd_Boy_Problems

Nerd Boy Problem #10
People asking "When will we ever use this?"
in math class. 

I think people should really check out Maroon 5's new song called Daylight on YouTube.

Nerd Boy Problem #9
When teachers ask a question and you raise your hand but they keep waiting.  


Nerd Boy Problem #8
Having to explain what a nerdfighter is. 


Nerd Boy Problem #7
Owning a second calculator so people don't borrow your good one.


Nerd Boy Problem #6
Watching every single episode of a series you just found and then realizing you have to wait an entire week for the next one... 


Nerd Boy Problem #5
When people still think Link's name is Zelda...


Nerd Boy Problem #4
Epiphany about Evangelion but forgetting to write it down.

Nerd Boy Problem #3
A girlfriend... 


Nerd Boy Problem #2
Never having enough money for all the fandom items you want.