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Wow. I just came back onto this site after so many years looking for some old conversations and wow. I just can't even describe how thankful I am for all those who put some form of effort into me. I'm not sure how many of these people will see it but thank you guys so much. As an update I guess, I'm doing much much better and I am at total peace with who I am as a person and how I look and its lovely to accept myself. I'm just really grateful for the wonderful people I found on here even though I've lost touch with many of these people. Thank you guys, so so so much.
Someday It will finally be the right place, right time, and you with me.
You told me how cute you thought me being shy is.
But you know what's not cute?
Being Ignored.
I'm the most anti-social person I know.

Get It?
No one?
I really do hate being social, but I feel bad for being anti-social.


"Can I Be Popular?"- Anonamouys
"Tonight is the night. It's the downfall of my heart. Theres a gaping hole in the left side of my body. It's not coming back with you. You left me for your own despair. You never kept the promises we made and you took everything. Sweety it's the downfall of my heart. Theres no more love to spare because you, you are the downfall of my heart;"

@creditted toni.tenney
If he asked if I loved him, I'd Lie.
Happy *late* Booty Call Day Guys & Enjoy the rest of Pregnancy Test Day C:
music gets me.
It gets to me.
It understands me.
It gives me reason to take one more breath.
It gives me hope.