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Hi my name's Bree and I write books. 

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Well I know you lay
own death
well just look at what you've
done, don't you dare
Forget the sun


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15 today


It's like forgetting the words to your favorite song


Be strong and hold my hand

Time becomes for us, you'll understand

Because this is hard.
This is way harder than I thought.
I'm so concerned with ending
that I don't even know the plot


and yeah, i believe that there's a god
i believe that there is something out there other than my thoughts
i believe it was never science against religion 
it wasn't poor against wealth
It was always me against myself
and i'm so scared who's going to win


Do not court death by
your erring way of life,
nor draw to yourself
destruction by the works
of your hands.
Because God did not
make death, 
nor does he rejoice in
the destruction of the 
For he fashioned all things
they they might have being,
and the creatures of the world
are wholesome; 
there is not a destruction drug
amung them
nor any domain of Hades
on eath,
for righteousness is 

wisdom 2:12-15


You are everything to me

                                                 >>>> This is why I have to leave 

            MCR released their last song today. 

            "Go ahead," He spoke for the first time, his voice clear and

even. It broke my heart,

"I never asked for a happy ending."
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