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Courtney here. I am 16 years old. I blow out the candles on Novemever 18th.Yeah I'm a site model...Don't judge. I have been having a hard time finding my place in the world. But what Teenage girl wouldn't.Love has found it's way..LOVE YA RYAN!<3 I found that one person to light up my world<3....ONE DIRECTION IS MY LIFE! I LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF THE FOR THERE OWN REASON!.."I'm not going to say..Oh I only love zayn" because if you say that you'll be against any message 1D is trying to send out to there fans! <3 Keep loving yourself -Courtney(:

Hi! I'm new here!(: I hope I can be welcomed!


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Anybody wanna try to switch lives with me...I hate mine :/



Niall is the one of the most amazing singers I've ever heard.Screw management.

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This is my story abducted.
It's about a Teenage girl's life..While shes getting Bullied by some people..Not some people..
All people.
Even her closest friends. This girls name is Beth. & She can't trust anyone. And I mean anyone.
What will happen when she thinks about doing drugs just to get popular?...Or she wears certian clothes just to fit in..but in the end..She'll only get used.
Read & Fav to find out!(:

Fav This quote and I'll make this story happen!

They shouldn't call it the "duck face"...
They should call it the "Hey I look retarded face"!

Quote of the day-Courtney-Check out my page<3

You made my day!


Hiya..I'm newish..Would you care to comment on my profile?

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We Love it when Guys sing randomly