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 Hey there, I'm meghan.
I love Nevershoutnever,
some stuff you should know;
-I'm 15.
-I met christofer drew ingle four times♥
-I love taco bell,
-I write alot of poetry on breakups.
-I focus on love, not hate :)
-Talk to me, I'm super nice.

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 //Cross my heart,
  I hope you Die//
-asking alexandria.
Hey guys :D
I have a question;
How do you make text have a blur/shadow/whatever you wanna call it?
Please comment here with the answer, I've been trying to figure out for a while :P

I just feel complete when you're by my side. 


You know what hurts?

Knowing it’s not impossible to be with you again,
But at the same time knowing you want nothing to do with me.
But you know what kills?Knowing it’s a definite fact that you want to be with her.
And knowing you’re going to be with her. Despite what happens to me in the end.
I’ll be sitting here for a while waiting for you to hear me screaming for your attention.  
We both know you didn’t keep your promise, to never hurt me.
But I know how to keep promises. And I can promise you I’ll never be happy again. 

I wanna be a billionaire
$o freakin' bad.

With the boy
I love you baby.

Change the date you started dating, or change it up totally;
I just thought it was cayoooot. :)

Because one lady gaga wasnt enough.
"You make me happy, Whether you know it or not."
 I always imagined what it would be like to have the perfect boyfriend. I then met you. Fell for you, and soon led myself to think you were absolutely perfect in every way. Until you killed me mentally. You ripped me apart. I thought we could’ve been a fairytale out of a book from when I was little. I would be the princess in the ball gown and you would be the prince in the suit. I guess I just waited to long for you to sweep me off my feet. I wish you could feel what I feel when you pass by, or when I hear your name, I wish you could feel the feeling of being cut open slowly and having your heart ripped out of your fragile body and tossed on the ground like a piece of garbage. I wish you could see how much you truly mean to me. I guess we were both looking for different kind of relationships. You were looking for fun, and I was looking for love. I didn’t find it with you. All I found was me sitting alone every single night wishing death upon myself. I tried so hard to kill myself and just die. Fall into a state where I could no longer wait for this nightmare to just end. You don’t understand the hurt. The hurt you put me through. Nights of Tears*, Blood*, & Pain*. Well. Reality is starting to set in. I wont always get my way. I wont always be happy. J . I will never be okay with the outcome of this horrid nightmare, The outcome of seeing you with her. And seeing myself alone in a dark room drowning in tears. Why does it seem that boys and mascara are SO alike? They both always run.


Credit: Nevershoutmeghan
Please dont steal this; i wrote it. It took a while.