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You call me a b*tch?
well then f*uck you
DO NOT let anyone judge you! You are beautiful <3 xx

My names Nino (my screen name's NiCa)
I'm 15 (:

My birthday's 15 September!!

Witty is my way of releasing everything
and not hurting anyone while i'm doing it!!

If any of you wittians need me i am open to give advice
and help you with any problems that you may be faceing (: x

love you guys!

P.S. my email's:
if you need anything email me!!!

<3 xoxox

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Quotes by NiCa

i remember how it burns, how it burns
slowly like a cigarette
it's like water in my lungs, in my lungs
'cause i'm drowning in my regret
everyday is getting worse like a curse
i'm being insomniac
and i just can't get over it

~ Guy Sebastian ~

Here'the thing
we started out friends
It was cool but it was all pretent

since you been gone

~ Kelly Clarkson ~

If you've ever been called


put this as your quote,

[]'s it


I just wanted to say... I MISS YOU


I wish we still talked....


Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes...

shoulders falling down like tear drops
WEAKENED by my soulful cries

Still I Rise ~ by Maya Angelou

You Think I'm Ugly ?

Well imagine.... one day I could be your boss.
So be careful how you treat meeee


Call me fat?
its true
Call me a S/ut or more 
Then f/ck you



When I want to cry

i hug a teddy bear